Sunday, 14 September 2014


A haven for foodies

Outside the Millennium Point

A few months ago I invested in the Birmingham Independent Card, a card that entitles you to discounts at selected independent shops and restaurants in Birmingham. I make a conscious effort to show my support for Birmingham’s independents by visiting their businesses for clothes or food at least once or twice a month - any excuse to shop and eat really!

This weekend saw the return of the annual Birmingham Independent Food Fair, which took place at the iconic Millennium Point, an event where you can find many of the independent food establishments in Birmingham all under one roof -  a haven for foodies with lots of free food and drink (of the alcohol kind too) samples on offer. Only a small proportion of the food ticked my health/nutrition check box so it’s a good job they were only offering small samples. I stupidly had lunch before attending the ‘food’ fair but I didn’t let that stop me treating my taste buds to some of the delights that were available; it just meant I had a slightly uncomfortable power walk back to my car instead.

I know it’s all about Fashion Week at the moment but have any of you guys attended any foodie events recently or know of any coming up?

and what I wore

Dress  Dorothy Perkins
Boots  Clarks
Bag  Sophie Hulme
 Later x

Friday, 29 August 2014


I'm sorry

Groupon email, delete, Groupon email, delete. That’s what I tend to do each time I receive an email from Groupon, a deal-of-the-day website that offers substantial discounts for various services and products including hotels, flights, restaurants, appliances and events. It’s sheer laziness and an overwhelming number of gratuitous emails that resulted in me being so blasé with the Groupon emails, but for the first time last week I decided to open the email, chiefly to find the unsubscribe button, and as I scrolled down the page I saw a voucher for Marco Pierre White restaurant; a restaurant I had intended going to in the next few weeks, coincidentally enough.

I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and can be quite pretentious when it comes to dining out, so when I saw the discount voucher for two or four meals at the new Marco Pierre White restaurant I decided I had nothing to lose and at least a 50% reduction on the food bill to gain – good ole’ Groupon. The new £12million rooftop Marco Pierre White restaurant, which affords you the luxury of 360 degree views of the city, resides in the Cube, an iconic and imposing building situated in the The Mailbox - home to some of the most desirable eateries and exclusive, high-end shops in Birmingham,

We chose a lunch time slot and whilst the culinary skill was commendable, we were a little disappointed with the wait time inbetween courses. Nonetheless, the surroundings and atmosphere made the wait a little easier to digest, excuse the pun. We opted for 3 courses even though the voucher only entitled us to two; asking me to choose between a starter and a dessert is criminal! 

I’ll definitely be avoiding the delete button the next time I receive a Groupon email. Do you use Groupon or any other similar scheme or coupons that offer discounts for shopping, travel or restaurants?

Cream of Tomato for starters

Sea bass for main

Bread and butter pudding for dessert

And the outfit of the day - one of the rare occasions I'll wear a skirt this short is when my legs spend most of the time under a dining table.
Skirt Zara
Biker Jacket (old) - Firetrap at House of Fraser
Shoes - Kurt Geiger (sale)
Bag - Mulberry at House of Fraser
Later x

Thursday, 21 August 2014


The recovery process

Okay, so that’s enough of the cheery Kodak moments from my latest cruise venture across the Mediterranean, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. This post is all about the day after the week before – what I do to recover from my trip before the holiday blues kick in.

Despite exultantly voyaging from city to city in the environs of a well catered cruise ship, by the time I return home I feel like booking myself in for a spa weekend to relax. You see, I’m not a beach bum (nor babe) so lying on a beach day after day doesn't really appeal to me; I like to get out there and be a full on tourist exploring what new places have to offer. The downside of this is that it well and truly wears you out, especially in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.

I love going on vacation, but in the words of Dorothy, there really is ‘no place like home’, and once I've endured a 9 hour recovery sleep in the comfort and familiarity of my own bed and home, the next day I wake up with a vengeance to get back on track physically, mentally and emotionally – almost like a 12-24 hour detox.

I don’t work out as often or as intensely as I should while on holiday so one of the first things I do is get myself on the treadmill and do some toning exercises in the garden.

My skin feels fabulous when I’m basking in the sunshine abroad, but by the time I exit Birmingham airport it feels dry and ashy so I always like to indulge in exfoliating and moisturising my face and body the day after I return.

 Although I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables on holiday, particularly because they are refreshing and hydrating, I make a conscious effort to incorporate lots of fruit and vegetables as soon as I get back from my trip.

 I do miss home-cooking when I’m away so I peruse my cookery books for inspiration for the week ahead.

 I slurp down litres of lemon and mint water throughout the day to take my mind off all those cocktails and contribute to my 'detox'.

Mid-afternoon, I like to take a seat in the garden (weather permitting) to relax and casually catch up on social media and emails, without extortionate roaming charges! I also like to reminisce on my holiday adventures by flicking through my Kodak moments.

How do you like to recover from a holiday?

Later x

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Is summer nearly over?

Yikes! It’s been over a week since my last post – I’m becoming a tardy blogger, eeek!  Of late, I've been frequently hearing and reading how we've only got the luxury of one more month of summer and that we therefore need to make the most of the sunshine, so I have been doing just that and consequently neglecting a few other, shall we say, responsibilities.

This weekend sees me venture on my summer vacation which means for the last week I have been convincing myself that I have no summer clothes and accessories to take and thus need to invest in a new summer wardrobe. I've been relatively successful in sweeping up some last minute bargains from the high street, but alas, this jumpsuit was a full price purchase from Dorothy Perkins; still a reasonable price but nothing beats a major coup when it comes to clothes shopping, even if you have to sift through piles of clothes strewn across the shop floor, right?

Anyone else own a jumpsuit? Well I wore mine for a date night this week and felt rather smug that I was wearing my new purchase, until it was time for the toilet and my smugness was wiped firmly away. I hadn't thought through the main downfall with this particular outfit: how the hell do I unzip myself and then zip myself back up when visiting the little ladies room without asking my date to help me out? (*confused look on face and arms akimbo*)

Hope y’all having a great summer x

and some continuing signs of summer

Jumpsuit  - Dorothy Perkins
Hat - Topshop
Fanny pack (bum bag, whateva) - DKNY at Selfridges
Sandals - Bertie
Later x