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I promised I would write a few of my own personal Style & Diet Profiles before approaching other fashion enthusiasts for theirs, so here is my third and final instalment of Colleen’s Style and Diet Profile. The other two can be found under the Style & Diet Profile Label. If you would like to submit your very own Style and Diet Profile for me to do a DIET MOT, just email me a picture of your personal style (detailing what you are wearing) and a typical day’s diet. The only criterion is that you've got to be stylish/fashionable!

NAME: Colleen Campbell
OCCUPATION: Registered Nutritionist and Amateur Blogger

In this photo I’m once again taking advantage of the autumnal sunshine and taking a walk in our local park. I’m not really wearing the right shoes for a walk, but believe it or not they are relatively comfortable and I was sure to  keep off the grass!  I’m wearing:
Chunky Knit Jumper Dorothy Perkins      Boyfriend Type Jeans Dorothy Perkins     Scarf  Alexander McQueen     Shoes Dune      Bag  DKNY     Bracelet  Thomas Sabo

Breakfast: One scrambled egg on a slice of wholemeal toast and glass of orange juice
Lunch:  Smoked Salmon salad with Philadelphia and 2 wholewheat crispbreads
Dinner: Nandos -  Chicken leg and chips

Snacks: fruit
Drinks: water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning and water in between my main meals. Orange juice with lunch and a coke with dinner

(The diet MOT uses the reported day's diet to assess 10 key principles of a healthy eating regime)

Again my day started with a glass of water and the juice of one whole squeezed lemon – it really refreshes me first thing in the morning! With it being the weekend I had time to make myself scrambled eggs on toast. This is a great breakfast with a mix of protein and carbohydrate. The carbohydrate is great for refuelling the body and is a good source of energy to help kick start your day after an overnight fast. Protein can help keep you feeling fuller for longer and eggs in particular are a great source of protein and other nutrients. Please note, eggs do not increase cholesterol despite what you have previously read, so don’t be afraid to consume these as part of a healthy balanced diet. My fruit juice counts as one of my 5 A Day.

You may know from my previous Diet and Style Profiles that I am not scared of eating carbohydrates despite the controversy surrounding this food group. Remember carbohydrates are not fattening. Gram for gram they contain the same amount of calories as protein. What makes carbohydrates fattening is the quantity we eat and the amount of cheese, sauces and butter/oils we put on them. I always try to opt for wholegrains because of their health benefits from heart health to bowel health. Today my source of wholegrain is the toast and crispbreads.

I love fruit, as they really satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me away from the Haribos! I tend to snack on fruit in between my meals, which helps to also stave off any peckish pangs that may set in. I have vegetables with my main meals and today I had a cereal bowl sized salad with lunch. It's all about aiming for 5-A-Day.

I had protein at every meal today. Eggs at breakfast, smoked salmon at lunch and chicken at dinner! Generally for a balanced diet you should aim to plan your meals around starchy foods with protein foods eaten in moderation.

I’m conscious, as a 32 year old, that from your mid 30's, you start to lose calcium causing a thinning of the bone. Thinning of the bone can lead to osteoporosis (means ‘porous bone’) later in life. Dairy products are a great source of calcium and today my main source has come from the Philadelphia cheese. I also added some milk to my scrambled eggs

You will know from my previous posts that some fats are better for our health than others. Today my main source of healthy fat is the smoked salmon, which is an Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid (EFA). EFA’s are important for lowering your risk of heart disease. There is so much more I need to tell you about these ‘special’ Omega 3 fats so watch this space for future posts. In the mean time just take note that excellent sources of these healthy omega 3 fats are oily fish such as salmon, fresh tuna, pilchards and mackerel.

I had what may be considered to be an unhealthy dinner today - Nandos. My main source of sugar for the day was the coke with dinner. This was a treat for me and I’m conscious not to drink this too often for obvious reasons. Nandos chicken is actually relatively low in fat because it is essentially barbecued rather than fried like KFC. As with all barbecued meats however, it’s wise to remove badly burnt bits as these can be carcinogenic (increase the risk of cancer). By removing the skin from chicken you can reduce the fat/calorie content further, although I can hear you all saying that the skin is the best bit. As with the coke, the chips were my little treat. Although I was offered two sides, which would have been more economical, I skipped the second side (and dessert) given my choice to have chips and coke!

I added a sprinkle of salt to my chips, but as usual I am mindful of the amount I use because I know too much salt can increase my risk of developing high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Just out of preference, I prefer to drink water in between meals. I mentioned before that one of the questions I've been asked as a nutritionist is how do I know I am drinking enough. A good way of knowing is to check the colour of your urine. If it’s pale and straw coloured you’re okay, but if it is any darker you could probably do with drinking more. This does not just have to be water though. All fluids contribute to your recommended fluid intake, you just need to be careful of the calorific drinks.

Again no alcohol for me today. I like the odd glass of Baileys, but it’s one of the most calorific alcoholic drinks out there, so that’s definitely a treat - not to be consumed on a day when you've consumed Nandos!

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