Wednesday, October 03, 2012


As a nutritionist you may think I only focus on food and diet, but this is only one side of the calorie equation. For a healthy lifestyle you should focus not only on your calorie intake, but also your calorie expenditure AKA exercise. I’m a firm believer that if you haven’t got your health, how are you going to enjoy all the other pleasures that life brings. One of my pleasures is shopping, another is travelling/holidaying, both of which my health is important for. 

So, as well as trying to follow a healthy balanced diet, I also ensure I fit in some exercise to help  manage my weight (gets a little tougher as you hit 30!), improve my fitness and reduce my risk of developing health problems in the future.

The four UK Chief Medical Officers (CMO) have published physical activity guidelines covering, early years, children and young people, adults and older adults. I’m guessing I haven’t got too many kids reading this blog so I will just focus on the guidelines for adults (19-64 years old).  The CMO’s recommend we should engage in 150 minutes  (two and a half hours) of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity each week, and we should aim to do some physical activity every day; so this may be 20 –30 minutes each day.

Now, I don’t think you should just do any old exercise solely because the CMO’s say you should be active, otherwise eventually that gym membership will become a waste of money  -  a "membership to guilt" as a former colleague put it. You really need to put some effort in to finding activities you enjoy, activities you look forward to doing, and activities you can afford, otherwise your new exercise regime will be short-lived.

Here’s one of my exercise activities of choice  -  Ice Skating. I’m on level 9 now, although I think they are slightly generous with their assessment method, but I absolutely love it. Every Saturday morning I put on my winter woollies (even during the summer months as it is quite cold in the rink as you’d expect) and skate for approximately 2 hours.

Here’s a few more pictures of me at skating. In the first one I am with my coach at Planet Ice in Birmingham where I train. He appeared as one of the professionals on the opening night of Dancing on Ice last year, so I feel very privileged having him teach me!


  1. haha kinda regretting weaing those bright red jeans.
    very nice blog though might have to read a bit more :D

  2. Behave you look lovely - it's all about standing out girlfriend. I regret wearing all black lol x


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