Friday, October 12, 2012


Sports Luxe

I touched on the importance of doing physical activity/exercise in a previous post just over a week ago, but my question today is: should we pay as much attention to our appearance when we go the gym or go for a run as we do when we  go shopping in the city or out for lunch/dinner with the girls? 

The reason I ask this question is because there was yet another clip on this week’s episode of the The Only Way Is Essex showing girls working out in their fully glammed up attire – hair extensions, make up, false lashes, the works. Now I know this is just a reality show, so everything is slightly more exaggerated for our entertainment, but when I checked in with my friend after the show, she assured me that this picture was not too dissimilar to what she sees at her gym (I don’t do the gym, so I wouldn't know). She described the types of trainers and clothes the girls were wearing as though she was discussing a spread from Glamour magazine.

Has the gym become our new fashion parade; another place to show off our recent purchases and chic style? And if it has, who are we doing it for, the men who prance around pulsating their pecks, or other women who end up buying a home treadmill as a result? Like I say I don’t do the gym, I do ice skating and go for runs for my exercise fix, but I can assure you, Sports Luxe is certainly not a trend I will be…..sporting when I'm exercising!  Apart from my pyjamas, my sports gear is the only other outfit that I don’t have to think about or have a panic attack over.

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