Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This week, it's all about the bags......

The Cambridge Satchel Company from £130 - as seen on my cousin's arm

I've been completely sucked in to the Satchel phenomenon; I've bought one myself recently and I get so many compliments when I wear it. My cousin has just bought this satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. It’s their new Limited Edition patent ‘Downing’ satchel. I love it! I don’t own a patent bag…..yet……(smile)

Céline £2900 - as seen at Selfridges
I was watching a documentary the other day that featured Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc. She was carrying the most delightful bag and I couldn't quite work out which designer created this masterpiece, but then I subsequently stumbled on it in Selfridges – Céline was responsible for my style envy. I knew I had seen this bag somewhere before, but I couldn't think where, then it hit me; it was hanging off the arm of Kim Kardashian. Apparently Céline is one of her favourite designers. I can see why.

Sophie Hulme £555 -  as seen at Harvey Nichols
I read about up-and-coming British designer Sophie Hulme in one of the Sunday paper supplements. She designs the most exquisite bags, so I decided to take a peek at her collection in the flesh during my visit to Harvey Nichols. I’m afraid I was sadly disappointed, disappointed that I couldn’t $%*&$ buy this luxurious tote. What’s worse, as I moved on to dribbling at the display of Louboutin’s, there was a rather mature lady at the checkout buying a Sophie Hulme bag. Jealous is not the word! Hey ho.

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