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......alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol!


10 Top Tips For Reducing Your Alcohol Intake and Calorie Intake From Alcohol 

Ladies, don’t bounce to another blog just yet; I want to give you a little pep talk/reminder about drinking responsibly this Christmas. It's less than one calendar month till the big day, and at various times leading up to it, I'm sure the champagne (or whatever your tipple) will be flowing quickly - and in some cases freely – but I want you gals to stay safe, and for those of you who want to avoid putting too much weight on over the festive period, I want to offer some suggestions about how to reduce your calorie intake without being a party-pooper. So, here it goes

1.  Alternate alcoholic drinks with sparkling water or a diet/low calorie drink throughout the evening. This will not only halve your calorie intake, but it will moderate your overall alcohol consumption. Remember if you drink too much alcohol you may have less restraint when it comes to those calorie laden nibbles, as well as other things!

2.  Choose a small glass of wine instead of a large glass. It’s what I call Damage Limitation

3.  Choose half pints rather than full pints – although it’s been a while since I've seen any of my girls carrying pints, half or otherwise!

4.  Opt for single measures of spirits (gin, vodka) instead of double measures, even if it’s more cost effective to have double

5.  Try white wine as a spritzer mixed with sparkling water or diet lemonade - another way to halve the calories. If champagne gets you tipsy too quickly, try diluting the champagne with orange juice to make a festive Bucks Fizz

6.  Replace high calorie mixers with low calorie mixers. For example vodka and diet coke, or gin and slimline tonic, both of which are roughly only 60 calories, providing you choose a single measure of gin/vodka of course

7.  Be mindful that cream based drinks and liqueurs like Baileys are higher in calories per 100ml than other spirits and wines, and don't forget to be careful with those creamy cocktails  -  aaah Pina Colada

8. The Department of Health recommend that women should not regularly drink more than two to three units of alcohol a day. You should avoid binge drinking (more than 4 units at a time) as this type of behaviour although it may be fun,  is certainly not healthy. I know it's Christmas, but c'mon..... be a lady! – you’ll thank yourself for it in the morning

Half a pint of beer, lager or cider (3-4% alcohol) = 1 unit
A small pub measure of spirits - 25ml (40% alcohol) = 1 unit
A small glass of wine – 125ml (12% alcohol) = 1.5 units

9.  Always try to line your stomach before you start drinking, either with a meal or even just a light snack. Avoid salty snacks though as these are likely to increase your thirst, which may result in you drinking more

10.  Beware of the bottled alco-pops -  as you probably know they literally do taste like a soft drink and consequently can be quite moreish at 150-250 calories a pop (excuse the pun)

Do you have any other suggestions to add that have worked for you? What’s your tipple? Unfortunately mine is Baileys!


  1. This is so precious ! I love this !

    Xo Amy,
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  2. Thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

  3. Number 9 is golden!! And it's 10:30 a.m. and I'm in the mood for champagne with orange juice thanks to you.:)


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