Monday, December 17, 2012


Each month, we fashion enthusiasts religiously scan through the latest fashion glossy to ensure that what we are doing and what we are buying is bang on trend with what the highly regarded fash-pack advocate, but when was the last time you took the time to scan a food label to ensure that what you are eating is ‘bang on trend’ with what the expert nutritionists recommend.

Reports suggest that over the festive period, the average person may consume an extra 500 calories per day, equating to a weight gain of around 5lbs by the time you celebrate New Year’s Eve! Imagine trying to fit an extra 5lbs of weight into that little black dress you bought over a month ago.

One of the issues I've come across in my nutrition consultancy practice is a lack of calorie awareness among clients who are trying to lose weight; even I surprise myself sometimes when I pick up a pack of something and look at the calorie content. It really is very easy to devour 500 extra calories a day over Christmas, but by being more aware of the calorie content of the food and drink you are consuming, you are likely to be more vigilant about what and how much you put in your mouth.

Many of us tend to underestimate our calorie intake and overestimate our calorie expenditure.  Test your calorie awareness, by guessing the calorie content of these common festive treats (answers below).

one shortcrust mince pie

average per 3 sweets of quality street

25g pack of Walkers crisps

100ml of Baileys

one sausage roll

35g of mixed nuts

2 x 15ml tablespoons of double fresh British cream

100g classic Christmas pudding

Answers (approximate depending on brand):

- One shortcrust mince pie  - 230 calories

- Average per 3 sweets of Quality Street  - 132 calories

- 25g pack of Walkers crisps -  133 calories

- 100mls of Baileys Irish Cream  -  327 calories

- One sausage roll -  63 calories

- 35g of mixed nuts  - 232 calories

- 2 x 15ml tablespoons of double fresh British cream  - 134 calories

-100g of classic Christmas pudding -  289 calories

How did you do -  were there any surprises? I definitely need to go easy on the Baileys!

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