Monday, December 10, 2012


I'm ashamed to say I have never supported Britain’s vintage boutiques, in as much as I've never bought a piece of vintage apparel. This was merely ignorance on my part, assuming that only a particular type of person would purchase this type of fashion style. Well, my eyes have been opened……

Since having my own dosh in my purse, I've always stuck to mainly ‘cruising’ the mainstream high street for my fashion wish-list, but just last week I was invited by Yelp Community Manager Rickie Josen to a Vintage & Modern Fashion Shopping Evening event at Birmingham’s Custard Factory - the event was a Yelp Shops Local campaign, which encourages Birmingham to shop with local businesses. 

Yelp Shops Local in Birmingham - encouraging Birmingham to shop with local businesses

Two of the businesses I met were Burbo K’ture - Paul, the owner designs unique pieces mainly from existing garments - and Gingermegs - Virginia, the owner sells an amazing collection of vintage pieces.  Here are some of the snaps I took during the evening.

Burbo K'Ture


It was a really enjoyable evening and I left somewhat awe-stricken.  It was so interesting and inspiring to hear the stories behind the development of their very own independent boutique. I would encourage anyone who visits Birmingham to venture to the Custard Factory in Digbeth where the two boutiques I visited are based (just a short walk from the city centre - home of Birmingham’s famous Bullring shopping centre!) and check out the special home-grown fashion talent that Birmingham has to offer.

I was desperate to buy the bag above until I realised it belonged to the owner. Zut!


  1. Aw wow, I love their stuff! Really different, very unique. Gonna have to make a Trip to London for some vintage hunting x

  2. They do have some really lovely pieces - you can make a trip to Birmingham too x


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