Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Hhhhm not really, it’s the same old me, just a different outfit!

 Coat  Topshop
Shirt Mexx
Jeans Zara
Boots French Connection
Sunglasses  Gucci
Necklace  be marvelous jewellery, London
Charm Bracelet – Charmology at House of Fraser

So, my latest Cosmopolitan glossy tells me that ‘monochrome’ is the emerging fashion trend to watch in SS/13. Given my wardrobe predominantly consists of one half of the monochromatic look (black!); I don’t foresee that this should be too much of a problem for me to pull off. I’m so thankful that the shops are not just going to be filled with pastels and pretty florals in the coming months. Thank you Marc Jacobs!

Ahead of my ‘plan’ to curb my spending habit in 2013 (see previous post), I decided to give my winter wardrobe a fresh look with this black and white coat from Topshop. I believe it is meant to be an oversize style, but when I tried on the size 10, I really didn't like how it fit, so I’m wearing a size 8 here (oooh that sounds nice saying I’m wearing a size 8 – very rare!).Unfortunately it wasn't a sales bargain; it’s a full price purchase, but it’s my gentle nod to the monochrome trend.

I’m wearing the coat with a simple crisp white shirt that I bought from Mexx many moons ago, and some plain black stretch jeans from Zara. The boots were a half price coup from French Connection - far too expensive to purchase full price so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw the little sales sticker.

The sun poked through the clouds intermittently throughout the day, so being unrealistically optimistic I took the opportunity to wear my Gucci sunglasses. The necklace is definitely a statement piece of jewellery and was a Christmas present from a dear friend of mine. You may have seen my charm bracelet in a previous post. I’m definitely an accessories gal.

Has anyone else invested in any monochrome pieces? - perhaps something more dramatic?

Marc Jacobs - Spring 2013: Image courtesy of

Later x


  1. Really cute look Colleen. Love the coat! I can't wait for Topshop to come to LA. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. Gorgeous outfit! Love your shoes soooo much

  3. aaaww thank you and thanks for your comments ladies x

  4. Im the same as you most of my wardrobe is half monochromatic too ;) haha, you look absolutely gorgeous, I love your coat and those shoes are just amazing! Have an amazing 2013 and I hope its filled with all you want it to be :)


  5. hi there :)

    thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    as for the ss13 trends, monochromatic would be much appreciated for a change, all those pastel and crazy neons form last seasons are getting a bit dull. right? and it is easier to dress for work when you actually have something in store to buy. when its all neon and colorful, finding a great monochromatic piece could be a big challenge.

  6. Thanks ladies.....I'm glad it's not just me that loves and appreciates what others may consider boring lol x

  7. Loving the black & white too. Rarely where black, actually but love check in particular and will be wearing my jacket to death in Spring - as always though!

  8. Those shoes are to die for!!!

    Thank you again for the comment you left on my blog, just thought I would pop by again so you could get a link to the results of my new look!

    What do you think?


  9. aaaw thanks Jade - sure I'll pop over to yours now x

  10. everything fab!!! lurv ur boots heels and necklace.


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