Tuesday, January 08, 2013


......but not thigh-high!

Over-The-Knee Leather Boots   Bertie at House of Fraser
Patterned Leggings   Ted Baker at House of Fraser
Wool Floppy Hat   Zara
Wool Jumper  Mango

It won’t be long before these Bertie over-the-knee boots go into closet storage for SS/13, so I am getting all the wear out of them I can, in view of the fact I've hardy worn them as they are a recent purchase. I bought them about three weeks ago from House of Fraser so no doubt they are probably in the sale now! Please don’t tell me if they are – thanks!

My wardrobe is pretty well stocked of plain black Topshop leggings – so versatile – so these Ted Baker patterned leggings made quite a refreshing change for me; I ummed and ahhed for ages about them as I thought they may be a little ‘loud’ for me and my thighs, but compared to the bright prints in the shops at the moment I think these are quite subtle? I’m wearing them with my long wool jumper – a mid to long length top being a must when wearing leggings, however pert and tight your butt looks - from Mango, which admittedly doesn't look like anything special from the front, but I hope you agree the back detailing adds a bit of interest to an otherwise uninspiring garment.

I believe hats always add interest to an outfit; you may have noticed from previous posts that I do have a penchant for head-wear accessories. This wool floppy hat from Zara does everything I need it to do: 1) keep the warmth in 2) prevent unintentional frizz  3) solve a bad hair day  4) attract compliments.

What have you bought recently? Do you own any over-the-knee boots?

Later x


  1. That a fun looking outfit, love that hat. I just love a good hat :)


  2. super beautiful! loving the pants and hat!!!
    kisses from Miami,

  3. My sister owns over the knee boots in black and she always looks lovely in them! I may have to invest in a pair myself :)
    Great post x


  4. I bought a load in the M&S sales, sitting in France on Christmas day - it's a first! Had my eye on some Victorian stylee boots that I couldn't justify seeing as I have so many but I promised myself if I got them I would wear them every day. And I have, since Friday! Yay

  5. I agree I have so many plain pairs of leggings as they go with everything haha, but these Ted Baker ones are gorgeous and I love the lace on the dress, you look beautiful



  6. Thanks for visiting my blog :"> I love your hat and dress as well :">
    would you mind if we follow each others' blogs?

    Let me know :"> http://itschachabels.blogspot.com/


  7. gorgeous outfit!
    love your floppy hat

  8. Thanks for your comments ladies - glad you liked my 'garms' xx

  9. thanks for visiting. I have an collage related instruction reply waiting :) Love the hat. I wish it were this warm here so I could take photos outside without catching a cold :(

  10. aaaaw hope it warms up soon and thank you.

  11. I love your hat and the back of that top!!

    Carol x


  12. You look gorgeous. Followed you.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org

  13. Have you seen the weather report? I think you will be able to wear your cool boots a lot longer than you think!!

  14. that hat looks perfect on you! and the lace on the back of the top is understated sexy. a great look.

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. I'm chuckling at your comment Coulda shoulda woulda. Thanks for popping by Brooke x

  16. Thats really nice boots, and they perfectly suits you... I like your poses too....

  17. such amazing looks and great pics
    love your style
    I'll glad if u visit my blog, thanks
    follow me back plsee:)



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