Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm putting it to the test!

I recently read an article -  ‘The Rise of the iNnarcissist’ -  in April’s issue of Cosmopolitan (what? I can’t have my brain in maximum stimulation mode all the time!); they were defining the symptoms of a new type of disorder, allegedly brought on by the upsurge of social media -  iNarcissism.

I chuckled my way through the article as they made reference to the typical iNarcissist: the person that instagrams what they've had to eat; the person that does a Twitter shout–out to the friends/acquaintances they've just met; the person that stages hour long photo shoots in their house or garden to capture the perfect Facebook picture, the person that uploads a superfluous amount of photos of themselves on their blog; the person that overuses the’ like’ or ‘follow’ button just to get noticed; the person that gets a powerful buzz from blog comments. Yes, I chuckled as I read what Cosmo had to say, muttering to myself: ‘ha ha yes I know people like this, how ridiculous and self-obsessed are these people?’.

However, as I continued to read, the smirk on my face slowly turned to a confused look (head tilted to one side) as I questioned whether I was indeed one of those iNarcissists that Cosmo was referring to and that I was chuckling at; on the surface it did look like I could in fact match some of the descriptions eeek! 

 Cosmopolitan Magazine April 2013 -  click image to enlarge
I've never really thought about this topic too deeply until now, but it is disturbing me for some reason; I don’t want to be branded with this title, which appears to be used more as a derogatory term, although I fear it may be too late judging from my previous posts? Nonetheless, I’m going to do a bit of self-research and assess a little more closely what emotions the blog comments, Twitter follows and Facebook likes conjure up in my mind, and then make my own decision from there as to whether I truly am an iNarcissist. So, help me with my research ladies (and any gents):

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Would you class yourself as an iNarcissist, and out of interest does it really matter if we are? Rhianna doesn't seem to think so!

Later x


  1. You're clever, I like that.;) I'm already following you and I'm sure you got a buzz when you saw that number increase by one.:P Thruth be told - who doesn't?? But I think if that's the only reason why you get up in the morning then that's a problem. Otherwise, we're fine. Perfect even.:)

    P.S.: I really like your haircut, I haven't said that yet, but I've been thinking it the whole time.:)

  2. I have see some people out there in the blogosphere who are complete narcissists. They are the ones roaming around copying and pasting inane pithy comments like great blog follow me back?

    They aren't interested in you they just have an ego complex. They want you to see them and that is very narccissitic...

    But you aren't.

    I enjoy certain people's style and what they have to say. Which is why I follow you bc you also have something to say and add value to with your honest comments and posts and learn and be reminded from in your nutrition posts.

    I think some of the look at what I am wearing that some people do well is a bit like cafe sitting and people watching but we do it virtually.

    Some people are genuine in that and some aren't just like in life.

    But I wouldn't be following you if I thought you were a ego maniacal fashion nazi, especially as I only met you through the net I can be a lot more clear in my head about who I follow!

    But yes it raises a few points and I hope some bloggers read this and recognise!


  3. WOW! Gorgeous outgit! Love every one of them!
    Especially the white shirt with the grey denim!

    And no.. don't think the bloggers full of narcissism, think that just some of us don't really good at what we are think we are good at!!! Self criticism would help:)

  4. This is a Great Article and i agree with your. I Understand english Perfect, but i can't write it so well. I'm Sorry

    And by the way i also l like your Haircut ;)

  5. I get your point and I agree with you:) And I dont think you are!:) Kisses! xo

  6. Gorgeous outfits!! Love your yellow shoes!!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  7. I don´t think you are and I´m definitely not one too <3




  8. I don't think you are a are just a person that likes to share her thoughts and outfits... to inspire other people or even create friendships!

  9. No comprendo muy bien ingles! :(


  10. not sure you're. Lovely outfits

  11. Hun, don´t´re a blogger, you have a perfectly fine excuse :) Unless you´re going really crazy and make everything public (which you don´t) I think you´re fine!

  12. Great Article!!! I love your style!!! I follow you by Bloglovin too!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear! g+and heart in bloglovin for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  13. Love all of your looks!! :)




  14. Love a good company of cosmo lol! And you aren't an inarcissit, you're a girl with style, sharing her looks lol and I love your style! The pinafore is lovely

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  15. Love the white shirt outfit where you're sitting on the bench! xx

  16. Ahahah i'm so glad you wrote this post!! You know, when i first started the blog i thought it would be cool 'cause i'm following some blogs leaving comments only if the post catch my interest but then when people started to comment "nice post, would you like to follow each other?" i became angry! The didn't even read what i wrote! maybe i could have wrote something sad but on their hand the most important thing is to have lot of followers, selfish people in my opinion. For this reason i'm so happy to see that someone, sometimes (as u =D ) read my post...
    and no, you're not! I think you're one of the blogger that undertand the meaning of the word, it's fine to share outfits 'cause it's a fashion blog and maybe something that makes you happy in your life but that's it, i don't understand why unknown people want to play the "let's pretend i'm famous" game...
    I really like your blog and you seem a very nice person!

  17. No dear, I´m sure you aren´t iNarcissist because for this you have much to much humor for yourself ;)

    Like this post including the outfits, really!


  18. Great article ....and also great outfits...well done...

  19. Very nice outfits!


  20. You have a lovely collection of shoes darling...
    We are who we are, doesn't matter what people think as long as we are not stepping on someone, at the end of the day we are happy, that what matters most.

  21. Wow! Such beautiful outfits!

  22. Well I'm just sitting on a train on my way back from London reading your comments, and as ever I enjoyed reading them and am firmly taking on board your opinions. Thank you for taking the time to share your views on this topic ladies x

  23. Now i think i am confused, this referred me back to my instagram blog, i knew i had nice pictures lol :) but for some reasons i had to like other followers pictures or stuffs before they could like mine, even if i liked their pictures because they had more followers or for some reasons which i don't seem to know they just ignored my post, i noticed this has become habits for most bloggers, i am very sure you are not an inarcissist, just do whatever that makes you happy,life will judge you even if you are perfect so stop thinking, i am sure that person who has written that article might be even worse attention seeker lol.

  24. Just liked you on facebook ;) I think there is a difference between been a fashion blogger and taking photos of your style, and tracking your social media (without too many self esteem issues involved) and being an inarcissist. I do have friends that need to prove themselves in instagram pictures, including one who has to visit a french castle every week or so it seems to have enough traffic and be happy with himself. Those are the real extremes ;)
    Anyway, iNarcissist or not your blog is too cool to care!

  25. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;)

  26. Gorgeous look! Lovely colour pallet and the your mix of textures is perfect :)

  27. I would think the same as you too, but i think if your taking pictures for a purpose to share your fashions sense then how can you or me be? but then theres people out there who post pics constantly of what there eating, were there going etc 10 times a day, then thats extreme! posting an outfit pic once in a while for a purpose would not make us inarcissist.



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