Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Not my usual get-up!

Leather blazer  Reiss
Jeggings  Topshop
Booties  Dune 
 Bag  Kate Spade (Bicester Village)
Necklace Thomas Sabo

I've cheated!

You have probably noticed from my previous outfit posts that I wear a lot of black or monochrome, and have pretty much been ignoring the other trends of the moment: floral prints and vibrant/neon brights. Fortunately I can get away with it this season because black and white are in every shop window, runway and red carpet thanks to Marc Jacobs, so there’s little reason to be questioned as to why I’m wearing "dreary" black in spring/summer (by the way I don't personally consider black dreary!).

Anyway, I thought I would have a little dabble with some alternative 'fashions', but I've characteristically played it 'safe'; instead of wearing floral prints with a fresh pastel ground colour, I've opted for floral prints on black, and instead of sporting a neon bright top or bottom, I've succumbed to a citrusy orange hue bag.

I promise I will wear some brighter colours soon; they say wearing vibrant bold colours is supposed to lift one’s spirits, so I’m looking forward to putting it to the test, because this weather is starting to kinda get me down!

What trends of the moment do you most like to rock? -:

Crop tops
Vintage revival
Sports-luxe name a few.

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Later x


  1. The outfit is so cool, I love your bag...

  2. You look great in your floral pants. My favorite trend at the moment are stripes.

  3. I love your pants and your bag is amazing! Now, trends I will follow...monochrome, yes!
    Brights, Neon in small doses, yes!
    Floral Pants, Yes.
    Cropped tops I wish I could!
    Metallics... maybe accessories!
    Androgyny YES !
    Vintage Always!
    Sport luxe , Yes!


    1. That's what I said about crop tops, but I've bought one from Boohoo and I'm gong to take a risk with it. Watch this space!

  4. LOVE the jeggings! xx

  5. Love Ellie Goulding too! And your bag & pants! :)

    x Vik

  6. Lovely look! I adore your style and those pant are to DIE for!
    Nice pictures!
    Kisses from Miami,

  7. i have to say that your bag really works - it brings a freshness for sure.

    Once again, i think with certain figures you can be. most people cant get away with floral pants. no sirree! but you look great in them.

    the look i am sporting now is the sports luxe or otherwise known as trackydacks.hehe

    although i have a pink dress that i might try and brighten an evening with...

    the bag looks better used than just an individual shot by the way - suits the action shot - isnt that odd? when i saw it in your last post I just thought - yeah mmmm, but now i really like it!! thats why we need model shots :) xx

    1. Well without bragging, it looks even better in the flesh. My photography really doesn't do this bag justice in the photos unfortunately! - I'll have to work on that xx

  8. I think that by wearing black/monochrome outfits you'll never be wrong! Btw i used to wear lot of colours but then, i started to feel sick about the red, blue, green ecc ALL TOGETHER! I thought: "What was i thinking about!?!?!" As time goes by we all changed our opinion, now i prefer much more black or white or pastel colours without exhagerations (and almost every outfits NEED a touch of black, it makes them more elegant!) I like how you put together this outfit, You were right to choose a black base! i've got a pair of light blue floral leggins too, just to try but it's not my cup of tea.
    Love, Ylenia

    1. oooh yes, I'm not sure I would be able to pull off light blue floral leggings either. I like your point about every outfit needing a touch of black!

  9. The pants are adorable! And the orange bag adds the perfect pop of color!

  10. You have the amazing ability to look current fashionable but not over the top trendy! I love the fact that you kept it simple but rocked with those gorgeous pants and the amazing Kate's bag!!!!

    Monochrome with a touch of color , flowers or vintage always does it for me!

  11. I'm a monochrome girl all the way - so I'm pretty excited that it's on trend this season! And I love this mostly monochrome look that you're rocking, your printed pants are fabulous and the bright pop from your bag is just the perfect touch!

  12. Amazing pants!! Love the bag!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  13. Hehehe I would really love to rock Florals be it dress, pants or shirt if I have the chance <3 I think you did a great job, pairing floral pants with a black top, I mean you don't have to go all out and look like a garden, having a mix and match is great =P

    Thanks for dropping by my blog love, I've followed you on BlogLovin and also Facebook so that I can catch up with you easily in the future! Hope to see you back on mine <3

    And don't worry, you aren't missing out too much on games, it might get you addicted (in a bad way) but their fantasy outfit is pretty awesome, I must admit =P Keeping fit and looking good is awesome too so keep doing that! <3


  14. You have a leather blazer?!?! That's my DREAM piece. I want one, I need one, I shall have one, damnit!!!:D It doesn't look dreary, it just looks HOT. And sleek. I like black in all shapes actually. But I like neon too. You "forgot" to mention color blocking - I love seeing two bright colors paired together, I think it looks really fun. Not actually always wearable, but fun.:)

    And that was Slovene, my mother tongue. Ziga (Žiga) said that he likes my hat and I said that I wasn't surprised. He gave it to me.:)

    P.S.: I've never liked pointy heels, they just don't do it for me, but these boots on you with this outfit... I kind of want the boots too.:) I think that blazer made me want the fence in the background too!

  15. I always love your hair. And that purse is incredible!

  16. You are seriously rocking those trousers and your hair is so gorgeous! I've missed your outfit posts so much while I've been away!

    A little bit Unique


  17. Please change your habits, dear Colleen, and wear this awesome floral pants again and again <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

    1. I'm definitely working on changing my habits!

  18. I really like your pant!

  19. I love a great vintage dress and I am definitely loving the b+w trend this year. Also, those pants look AMAZING on you ;) xoxo.

  20. i love the floral pants hun, that bag is super gorg and looks like you spent a lot on it!! I would say monochrome and floral are my fave trends.


  21. Thanks for your comments gals - I really enjoyed reading what some of your favourite trends of the moment are x

  22. Your new bag looks great here with those gorgeous floral pants. The floral trend is perfect for spring after our long, harsh winter. Apparently it's going to warm up next week so I'll hopefully put away my winter layers!

  23. i'm needing a bright bag so bad and yours is making me jealous! kate spade does the perfect bag for spring. and your floral black and white are totally spring appropriate!

  24. Your shoes are goregous!!

  25. Colleen you should definitely wear more color 'cause it looks AMAZING on you!!;-)

  26. The pop of neon is soo perfect!
    NRC ♥

  27. You look adorable ♥♥♥

    Have a lovely weekend,


  28. That bag! mmmmmm!

    You look great. Love the pants n jacket.

  29. You look so pretty!!! I love your floral pants!!!
    I would be happy if you accept the awards of my blog! Thanks for your words and your friendship!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear! g+and like in bloglovin for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  30. Oh I'm a lot into the floral and the black and white trends, so this pictures are great for my eyes. Beautiful and classy as always ;)

  31. love the print jeans, you look fab hon' thanks for the visiting my blog. New outfit just post on my blog. ox


  32. I posted your post on g+!
    Have a nice sunday, dear friend!!
    Besos, Marcela♥

  33. Those pants suits you perfectly!! Also love your bag!

    Style Without Limits

  34. You look great in this outfit.I also love adding black to my outfit even if it's a little bit..I love your floral pants and how your orange bag shines the outfit.In fact I want to buy an orange bag now :)


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