Thursday, April 18, 2013


This Sex And The City quote still continues to humour me!

I make no secret of my TV guilty-pleasures; I’m happy to admit that I’m an avid follower of a number of programmes that feature on the American network channel E! – Fashion Police, E News, Chelsea Lately and of course the controversial Keeping Up With The Kardashians series and all their spin off shows – but just last night a new series premiered on the network called A-List Listings, which did everything I anticipated it would:

1. It gave me an authorized peek inside the imposing homes of the financially privileged.

2. It highlighted the significant dichotomy between the mega wealthy and the poverty stricken.

3. It made me forget that I was living in a society on the brink of economic turmoil as reported on the news just minutes before I watched the programme on E!

BBC News

4. Nonetheless, it left me in a little bubble, vicariously dreaming about where I would reside if I won millions on the lottery.

5. It inspired me to think about how I would like to re-organize and re-design my pad  -  I wish I had this gentleman to hand, although I guess that would be pointless without the Coutts bank account!

6. It further encouraged me to continue aspiring to build my dream walk-in-closet to house all my ‘babies’ (shoes, bags, hats -  I don’t ever intend to have actual babies); it would be like my very own fashionable Wendy house to play in every morning and evening.

Sharps Walk-In-Closet
The aspiration for a walk in closet came about initially after witnessing Mariah Carey’s New York apartment closet, on MTV’s cribs.

and subsequently others........

I really am obsessed with walk-in-closets. I love the idea of having my prized fashion items on display in their very own separate boudoir, even if it is just me that sees them.  I have such pride in the shoes, bags, hats and clothes that I have accumulated over the years, why shouldn't they be treated like beautiful ornaments and added to the décor. Would you agree, or am I being highly superficial and a victim of fashion? A girl’s got to dream big, right?

Later x


  1. You're a girl after my own heart, Colleen! Although not a Sex in the City fan, that quote of Carrie's is brilliant - definitely one of my favourites. And I have dreams of a beautiful walk-in closet just like the ones in this post where I can not only store but also properly display all of my beautiful clothes... after all, as a fashionista, they are my pride and joy :) {No kids in the future for me, either - just more shoes and handbags!}

    1. I'm giving you a virtual high-five girl!

  2. Hey Colleen, fun post - I am not going to get too heavy because its you and you write it from a place of genuine enjoyment true appreciation of aesthetics and the fashion design process. I think everyone should have beautiful things that they enjoy around them for sure. I would love a walkin closet but somehow I think that even if I had a house of shelves I would find a way of overstuffing and piling stuff on the floor!!!! But I think you should aim bigger and go for your own high rise office building for your nutritional consultancy corporation! xx

    1. oh go on...get heavy....ha ha

      It's interesting that you look at it that way round and say aim bigger for the office building; you see now I view it the other way round because when your business is succeeding (I'm only in a three storey building at the mo but i'm getting there lol), only then can you aim for the nice house with the super duper walk-in closet. Talking about office buildings and closets, ive just reminded myself of Oprah's walk-in closet in her office at her studios!!! xx

    2. Oh gosh - you are starting to know me too well!! LOL.

      yeah - that is a great idea - be like Oprah and get those walk in wardrobes in your future corporation HQ you are CEO of!! x

    3. fyi - apparently zatchels is 50% off today!

  3. Hi Colleen, I have your same dream:) The last closet could be perfect!:) Kisses! xo

  4. I love walking closets and the sex and the city quote is so true!!!! i love it that way! Although I do not like to be a hoarder like M.Carey! There´s no way in hell you can wear that many shoes! You know what I like to do...when I buy something new I take something I don´t use anymore out of my closet. Keeps balance. :) But hey that´s me! I do enjoy the guilty pleasures of a designer pair of shoes or bag, but not everyday!... And I do feel bad if I spend to much...
    xo, Alma

    1. oooh now you see I live by the mantra that a girl can never have too many shoes! but I do tend to get rid of things I don't wear anymore

  5. Great quote - always makes me smile. A huge organised walk-in wardrobe like these would be wonderful. As you know from my blog, I love my shoes and would love them arranged like this!

  6. I alwways watch E! too!

  7. Walking closets, wow, hopefully one day. It would be great to have one.
    Have a lovely day.
    Dusana :-)

  8. Wow!!! You killed me with those images.. the dream of a big, huge walking closet become not only a dream.. but a goal!

    I totally agree with you-We all love beautiful things around us.. for one it's shoes, for the other it's beautiful people. Prefer the first option-I feel good about myself that I love cloth, bags and shoes and don't care how people look like.

    Most of us do:(

    Great post !!!!


    1. I agree, not only a dream a goal - I like it!

    2. #Roger that!

  9. I'm SURE you're ot the only woman in the world who dream about a walk-in closet!!
    I'm also kind of "obsessed" with one!! ;-) What a beautiful inspirations BTW!!

  10. Hey Colleen,I am always looking forward to read your post,it is such a joy to read, and yes I am dreaming about walk-in in closet but I am living in central London and instead of walk-in in closet I have a walk-in in kitchen(soooooo smal)....but you never know ....

  11. Ha, another E! fan - love it!!!:D I watch EVERYTHING. Even the re-runs. And no one gets it.:) I saw that episode of Cribs with Mariah Carey and before that the concept of a walk in closet didn't even exist in my head. I swear to god, in Slovenia walk in closets do not exist, period. But when I saw that on MTV, I said: "Ok, when I grow up, I'm going to have a closet like that." Minus the initials on the floor, that's just excessive.:)

    As for your comment that you're older than me - I somehow doubt that. My boyfriend checked out your blog (he's very curious:)) and his exact words were: "This girl has to be very young, she looks so young, what is she - 21?" Just so you know...:) And I NEVER change because of what he says.:D Never. Hasn't happened yet and it never will. I probably wear some stuff more often just to annoy him.:)

  12. I agree with you girl... DREAM BIG and you will get as far as your dreams take you!
    Stay positive!
    Kisses from Miami,

  13. I'm dreaming of a walk-in Closed too. My doughter is 23 and still study. If she will leave the house sometimes, I make a walk-in closed in her room.
    But by the Way , she can life for ever at home

  14. omg i have the same obsession!!!!!!!! would you like to follow each other through GFC and blog lovin? let me know by following me and i will definitly follow back :)

    xx Jeeshan

  15. Sorry, accidentally deleted your comment:

    "Completely agree that a girl should dream big, those closets in the likes of sex and the city and the shows on E! and just incredible and your right a girl can dream lol maybe one day! You're right I love how it can act as an escape from all the problems in every day life :)

    Oh p.s I think I will stick to just every second day, your feedback is always really important to me Colleen :)"

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  16. A walk in closet would definitely be a must in my dream home as well. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  17. Oh dear Lord!!! I would like a walk in closet too! I want it so badly!!!! I'm collecting so many shoes bags and hats that is a pity to close them into boxes =( (and i consider them my babies too, i don't like too much real babies ahah well, not now!) Hope you can realize your dream and when it will happen show us how you would organize it!
    BIg kisses

  18. Dear Colleen - wish you really that all your dreams come true <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  19. That quote is pretty funny!! :) I do also like E! Fashion Police very much, I do specially like Kelly's and George's perspective!!


  20. A well packed walk-in closet. Crazy filthy nevertheless, a great inspiration =)

  21. Hi there!
    I just stumbled across your blog, and your posts are spot-on! I totally understand that feeling you get when you can't help but wish you were the characters on TV shows that get to live in such fantastic homes with to-die-for wardrobes! My guilty-TV pleasures are all like that too, like Gossip Girl when it was still airing (Blair and Serena were my style icons for years!) and now ABC's Revenge. Sometimes it's good to dream a little (or a lot!) ;)
    let me know if you want to follow each other, I just started a new blog!
    ♥ vivian | seattleite fashionista

  22. “I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet.” as Sarah Jessica Parker puts it...
    in my case though it's different... “I like my money right where everyone can see it...on my bodily parts.” which means jewelry...

    i used to like clothing in my younger years... but i now find it a dead investment with no return value of some sort to purchase expensive clothing due to it having the tendency to expire and the leather breaking apart and the textile giving away its age due to storage and it being a high maintenance (not unless you're a popular celebrity though where your auction gets people running over your items... look at ebay, it's swamped with designer items sold in flea market prices...). i also realized these things needs a temperature control room which is quite a bit of a high maintenance for a devaluating item...i dunno, as years went by and get to find overstock, new old stock etc designer clothing and shoes and bags.... i just realized (the reality) that leather is leather, polyester is polyester, cotton is cotton no matter what the name brand is... besides nobody knows who you're wearing not unless you hang the tag around as high-end pieces often don't show around their name brands and lets you walk around like a walking ad... you can get a good designer quality from good cheaper shops if you only know how to look at the quality of the fabric.... jewelry such as gold (which a lot don't like because it's tacky) on the other hand is an asset you can liquidate whenever you really go broke and need cash... and besides, if you're running over the idea of flaunting status... nothing beats a white or black well fitted shirt and jeans paired with a good set of jewelry that spells "gold" - the old adage symbol of wealth (hey and no one will ever expect that you're wearing a target shirt at $5 when put together). so i'd go for that instead.


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