Sunday, May 12, 2013


City-break wins!

Okay, so I promised myself that this year I was going to skip the holiday and instead start saving a bit more towards purchasing my next humble abode. The problem is, when you work with other people, you are subjected to hearing about everyone else’s holiday expeditions, and whilst I enjoy listening and vicariously living their adventure, it does leave me slightly anxious and despondent that I’m not vacating.

Well, one evening, sitting in my room staring at the New York skyline souvenir (see photo above) that was bought for me by my auntie when she last visited New York, I thought, "I work damn hard, I’m going to treat myself to a city-break in New York". I need a change of scenery, not necessarily sun, sea and sand, just a change. I haven’t been for 10 years; I booked a trip to go a couple of Christmases ago, but due to the great British weather - snow - my holiday was cancelled (I wept for about 24 hours) and I never re-booked! Well my city-break to New York is now booked for June - whoop! Do you see how I’m using the term ‘city-break’ rather than ‘holiday’, that’s how I am justifying it in my head.

Apart from the actual process of going on 'holiday', what is the next best thing about going away (for me anyway)?  You got! I haven’t done too much yet, but this is the start of my ‘Mini City-Break Shopping Haul’.


Tan Sandals Office;  Black Patent Sandals Steve Madden at New Look;  Cloche Hat Accesorize;    Bronze Goddess Perfume House of Fraser (Limited Edition)  Elemis Skincare Harvey Nichols


Moschino Cheap and Chic Perforated Knee High Boots
In my opinion these are just gorgeous. It may seem strange coveting knee-length boots in summer, but that is part of the appeal, and anyway Moschino have taken this in to account. The perforated design, nude colour and feminine floral print make them, what I believe to be, a perfect accessory for a summer wardrobe; think pretty floaty dresses, pinafores or cute shorts, let your imagination run wild-ish.

Topshop Silk Wide Check trousers by Unique
Zara High Waist Tangerine Trousers
I acknowledged a long time ago that my legs are by far not my best asset (thanks mum!), so I tend to keep them covered up a lot of the time. I've had my eye on both pairs of these trousers for a while because their wide leg/boot-cut style and summery colour makes a refreshing change to me wearing dark pants and skinny fit jeans all the time!

Marc Jacobs Amy Rose Gold Plated Watch
I haven't worn a watch since my school days, I've just never felt the need to, I tend to just check my phone when I need to know what day time it is; but I fell in love with this watch when I saw it in House of Fraser and thought it may come in handy whilst away, given I don't intend to carry my phone around. I love the androgynous style, with it's large face and rose gold-plated design - want want want!

Do you have any holidays or city-breaks planned for this year? And do you tend to buy new clothes in preparation for your trip away, or do you utilize what you already have in your wardrobe. Hhhhm, the latter is actually quite a plausible idea!

Later x


  1. Going away is always so inspiring though dont ya think? I will say that if you do want to go shopping - then go to New Jersey - just get on the train or subway and it will take you there - the sales tax is much less than NY for the same item.
    Plus they have woodbury common which is like our Bicester! When are you going? PS This is going to sound boring but you might want to internet shop while you are there - sounds crazy but that way you get free shipping and huge discounts but only for US shipping you see. You might need a spreadsheet to plan! how exciting xx

    1. Oooh I am excited. Thanks for your tips hun, but I have already vetoed the idea of doing any fashion shopping and will be restricting my spending to good food and excursions/sightseeing lol. I'm deffo planning to have an itinerary before I go - I go in June, so less than a month yeaah xx

  2. ohhh amazing shopping! I´m loving those shoes! xo, Alma

  3. Your new acquisitions are gorgeous and I want to see them soon on the blog!! ;-)
    Those Zara trousers are amazing. I'm sure they would look great on you!!

  4. I love SM heels <3
    What about following each other? Just let me know!


  5. Going to NYC sounds so exciting! I love the selections you already made and hope you spend a wonderful time in there, with thousands of pictures to share here ;)

  6. Oh my I love the hat and Zara trousers <3

  7. Hi Colleen! For me holidays are always a good excuse for some good shopping!:) I'm drooling over your new ins, especially love the sandals by Steve MAdden, so stunning! MK watch is also onto my wishlist from ages!:)) Kisses dear! xo

    1. "holidays are always a good excuse for some good shopping" I agree girl!

  8. your new shoes are amazing!

  9. Hahaa.. you are so right! A city break is such a good excuse for some more shopping!!! I am so that kind of girl who are going on a shopping vacation and making pre-shopping before.. Just to be ready!

    P.S-Beautiful sandals!

  10. I like City Trips, but I was never been in New York. This is really on top of my wish list. I'm sure your have no snow in June.
    I like your new in. Especially i love to tan sandals, they look great and comfy. Perfect for New york.

    Now you're in new York! These streets will make you feel brand new,
    Big lights will inspire you,
    Hear it for new York!
    New york, new York, new York....;)

    1. ooh go girl a verse from Alicia Keys, I love it ha ha - thank you

  11. A little getaway to New York, how amazing!! NY has been sitting somewhere at the back of my mind for so long, maybe I should do something about that :) Have a great time!!! x

  12. Love these shoes! And enjoy your trip to NYC! It's coming up so soon.

    The Marcy Stop

  13. I'm also going to NYC! I'm actually flying to San Francisco and then I'm going across country to NYC by car. But you'll get there sooner, in less than 2 months, you lucky bastard.:) I haven't done any shopping for the trip yet and I'm afraid it'd be better if I saved my money for the actual trip.:D But I do love those heels!! I think these black two strap sandals are the hottest heels out there right now - sex in a shoe, no doubt.

    P.S.: Yes, Tyrese Gibson or Ryan Gosling can get annoyingly close anytime.:)

    1. I'm lucky??!! OMG San Francisco and New York in one trip sounds amazing.

      Hee hee re. Tyrese and Ryan

  14. I love those heels! They are gorgeous.


  15. Oh, I just know you're going to have a fabulous time in New York! I haven't been for almost ten years now, too, and I really need to get back as soon as possible :)

  16. Wow!!! I LOVE your heels!!! :) Great new entries!!



  17. I love to escape the London from times to times...You are going to New York so congrats...I hope you will do a plenty of the shopping...

  18. Wow, you bought wonderful new pieces! I love the heels really <3 I think we wouldn´t go to holiday this year, because we don´t like holidays so much and the other thing is we need money for our house which we have build ;) But fortunately we love our house and our region and we love to stay at home ...

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

    1. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and build your own home wow!

  19. Great shopping! I love the sandals!
    Have a good week, Colleen! g+ and like for you! :)))

    Kisses from Spain, Marcela ♥

  20. Well done! I hope your city-break :) in June is excellent! I am sure it'll be! I know what you mean, you do work hard, you need holidays! Or a city-break! Well, I own a watch (or some... love them!) since I was 10...I even sleep wearing watches, so what can I say, do buy that one, it's beautiful! I loved your sandals and the wished Moschino boots! Now... I am leaving for a city-break on Sunday! Will tell more later!

  21. lovely)would you like to follow each other?
    flw me on gfc&bloglovin and tell about this!

  22. Thank you for your nice comment on my Blog today. I think, you got your perfect haircut for yourself

  23. I've fallen in love with your new sandals!! I have that Marc by Marc Jacobs watch (but in golden) and I love it so much!! I would tell you: go for it!



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