Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My Kodak Moments

Friends and acquaintances alike warned me against doing all the typical tourist-type activities whilst in New York, but being the obstinate character that I am, I decided to ignore this advice and sample all the tourist attractions I could physically fit in - in terms of time and budget. You see, I like to try things out for myself and form my own opinion; so in no particular order of preference, let me introduce to you some of what I got up to during my NY city-break.


I know a lot of people, particularly residing New Yorkers, try to avoid this area because of the bustling atmosphere created by a bunch of excitable tourists trying to capture the perfect Kodak moment, but I thought it would be rather pretentious of me to do this, so against my better judgement, I booked my hotel right in the centre of Times Square! The photo below is of the view from my window on the 28th floor.

I thought Times Square looked its best at night when the bright LED lights really showed off its true brilliance and justified why it is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. During the day, it can look a bit tired and hackneyed, especially if the weather isn't great.

You'll feel safe in Times Square

You'll never go hungry in Times Square.

Just minutes from Times Square, I chanced upon a lovely little spot called Bryant Park - a beautiful retreat after a long day to do some people-watching and ponder over the day’s events. It was just at the back of the hotel, which was convenient; my tired feet appreciated its location. So don't despair if you have booked a Times Square hotel, sitting in this place, day or night, will make you forget about the 'chaos' happening over on the next block.

There were a number of office blocks, again just minutes from Times Square and I debated for a while whether I would want to work so close to the thick of the action. The area was very pretty, with lots of food vendors and very close to Bryant Park, so I could be easily swayed.


In my opinion, if you haven’t been to New York before, the tour buses are an excellent way to see the city’s popular sites as the route covers Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn and the Bronx. They offer a hop on – hop off service so if on your sightseeing journey you stumble upon an area or site that interests you, you can just hop off the bus and then hop on the next bus (usually every 10 minutes) when you are finished. You can purchase a 48 hour all-loop/route tour for  $59. I thought that was a bargain when you consider what you get for it.

The downtown loop pretty much covered the length of Broadway – probably the most popular and definitely the longest street (15 miles/24 km) running through the borough of Manhattan.

I chuckled when I saw this; most of you will know that my two passions are fashion and nutrition, so how ironic to see this together – ‘Kodak Moment’!

A sea of yellow cabs - they sure like honking their horns, for no apparent reason may I add.

Most people we spoke to recommended that we don't use taxis because they rip you off, so guess what I did......yep I hailed a taxi and took a short ride in the iconic vehicle. I didn't find them to be any more expensive than a British black cab. The very chatty taxi driver informed us that he was from Russia where he used to be a teacher; he decided to move to New York for personal reasons and after realizing he couldn't get a job, he became a taxi driver.

We spent most of our time getting from place to place on the tour bus though. The patriotic tour guide (yep the one carrying the mic) was hilarious, always cracking a joke or two - the New York drawl made the jokes even funnier.

Macy’s aaahhh, but no shopping, ooh except a concealer stick, but I don’t think that counts does it?

The Flatiron Building -  truly exemplifies art deco and renaissance architecture. It's a functioning office building as well as a tourist hot-spot. I thought to myself that it must be highly amusing for the employees inside to see people taking snaps of where they work. 

A glimpse of the skyscraper that is...The Chrysler Building: the tallest brick building in the world, so I'm told.

The Headquarters of the United Nations - our tour guide advised us that there were no windows down the side to block out the view of the slaughter house that once occupied the space to the side of the building.

Greenwich Village -  a largely residential neighbourhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan.

Little Italy


This was interesting -  a Chinese – Spanish cuisine? I wonder who does the actual cooking? I won’t tell you what the tour guide said.

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel
One of my favourite comedy movies is Coming to America (1988) starring Eddie Murphy, which featured the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel, so I just had to take a peek. It’s a very palatial establishment with a wealth (excuse the pun) of history behind it. It’s also a favourite among celebrities and VIP’s - presidents, United Nations’ officials, Marilyn Monroe and Paris Hilton to name a notable few. I'll be staying here next time I think........

Just a few minutes from the Waldorf was this restaurant -  Smith and Wollensky. The tour guide said it was one of the most famous steak houses in New York. I didn't eat there, I'm not much of a steak and chop person, in fact I had a tasty pizza just round the corner instead!

Anyway I will leave it there for now to give your eyes a break, but there are more snaps to come, if you're interested, from Central Park, Statue of Liberty, SoHo, The Bridges, The Sex and the City tour and views from the skyscrapers and Ground Zero.

Thanks for reading/skimming.

Later x


  1. You take great photos Colleen! Very nice. I loved the very first one especially with so much movement and of course your Kodak moment was perfect! Vitamins and 7th ave :) Looks like you had a great time and was very busy covering so much ground!! Bet you didn't eat hot dogs right? xx

    1. Hey Naomi...thank you. Well no I didn't eat hotdogs, but only because I don't like them, but I did eat a lot of something equally as calorific - pizza! xx

  2. So many great pictures of these great city. I can feel this typical New York atmosphere. Enjoy your time


  3. Wow, you took your time to explore, am not sure i can do this lol, i get tired and bored when travelling except if am on the sea side or chilling in the hotel. I hate viewing any tall building especially when they all clustered, I feel i wanna fall it's kin of ''vertigo'' but all these pictures looks great, makes me wanna travel now and do all these haha:) i bet am gonna faint.I wanna go to France,don't know why i am so hungry for France. have you been there? let me know please and best place to visit there.Times square looks fantastic at night and loads of goodies ''eye pooping'' I bet if i lived here, would be as round as a ball. You look amazing in that picture,am always in love with your hat. Kisses...

    1. oooh if you don't like tall buildings and feeling clustered, I'd stay away from Times Square and surrounding areas, however people told me to stay away from times Square but I'm glad I didn't. I think you'd love it!

    2. Haha, thanks sweets for the reply.Would have to hold unto someone while viewing these amazing structured buildings not sure about the skyscraper buildings.

  4. Gorgeous pics!!! We look fab with the green blouse!!
    Chic With The Least
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  5. I love your 'don't-do-as-you're-told' attitude! Hahaha. We should be on holiday together and break all the touristy rules :D Love the photos woman!

    Chinese-Spanish cuisine I say would be like Filipino food. Those 2 cuisines are the basis of our culinary heritage.

    Coming to America is also one of my favourite movies! I've seen it hundred times. Anything with Eddie Murphy on it! I wanted James Earl Jones to be my adoptive father because of that movie, and wear chinchilla to go shopping. Hahahaha.

    Looking forward to your next batch of photos x

    1. Thank you

      Oh wow well now that is interesting about Chinese-Spanish cuisine, thank you for sharing that with me. I should have blooming got off the bus!

      Yeah..... I'm virtually high-fiving you girl about Coming to America. I wanted to be one of the bathers eeek!


    2. Oh la la la...the bathers! You go girl! :D

  6. Great pics of a great city! Love your commentary too!
    Can't believe you didn't shop, though!!

  7. Hi Colleen! First of all welcome back! I was so waiting your post from NYC so bad! And it didnt disappoint me at all! I just want to pack and travel over there right now!:D Times Square is so stunning, it makes me so thrilled, love all the mess and the crow around! Macy's is onto my wishlist as place to visit lol! I can imagine all the great stuff inside! The hotel is fab, and you look very nice in the pic in front of the mirror! Looking forward to your next posts about it!! Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

  8. Colleen! I was so happy to hear from you! I see you had a great time in NYC! I'm so happy for you! I hope to go there as soon as possible! All the pics ae great and thanks for the descriptions, now i know something more about it 'cause i want to go there well prepared =) And i usually do tourist stuff too! That's normal, you're a tourist ;)
    A big kiss


    PS Spanish-chinese food? Ahah that sounds weird

    1. Exactly I'm a TOURIST, why pretend to be anything else!

      Regarding the cuisine, I thought that too, but look at the comment by Chinwags above x

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  10. WOW.. I am in New York state of mind (after those images)..
    The best city in the world!!!

    Welcome back girt! missed you :) and can't wait for some more snaps from the big apple!


    1. "New York State of Mind" hee hee me too thank you x

  11. great post! ^^


  12. Hey colleen, I got a new post, am sure you would love it.

  13. Amazing pictures! Yes, I wonder what a Chinese/Spanish cuisine would be! You really got the best artistic pictures I have seen so far! Enjoy every moment!

  14. One of my fav cities in the world!
    ps. Today is my blog's birthday! Wanna wish me Happy Bday?
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  15. Well you have certainly had a wonderful time and your photos are so varied too. The one of the vitamin shop and Fashion Avenue was so appropriate for you! I love the hustle and bustle of cities but it's so nice to sit and relax for a while and Bryant Park looks like a great find. I have thoroughly enjoyed your tour and look forward to part two!

  16. Hi, dearest Colleen, many thanks for this absolutely interesting trip through New York where I never have been before! The pics are great and it was kind of visiting New York really, especially with your explanations. But now I want in fact to know how Spanish-Chinise cuisine will taste ;)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

    P.S. Did you see my post http://dressedwithsoul.blogspot.de/2013/06/story-about-honesty.html where I´m wearing the from you recommended denim Zatchels Bag!?

  17. Amazing post! Loving the NYC pics... such a magical place!
    Keep up the great job dear, see you on my blog!
    Kisses from Miami,

  18. What a nice memories of my trip to New York!!
    Did you buy many things??? ;-)


    1. No I'm afraid not, spent most of my money on tourist attractions and food! x

  19. Amazing pics...I hope you did a lots of shopping too...

    Have a nice weekend...


  20. Been checking here for this post n when I slacked for a few days.. Bam! I missed it.
    Very beautiful photos!
    Amazing details too! I feel like I just went to New York thru these photos.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Welcome back!


    1. aaaw sorry yeah I didn't take any IT gadgets with me ha ha

  21. Hi Colleen, I'm glad you had a great time.
    Ahhh...your pictures are lovely.
    Dusana :-)


  22. Yes, I'd definitely be interested in seeing more photos!! Sex and the City tour??:D I'm not surprised that it exists though...

    I kind of feel bad for the cab driver, going from teacher to a taxi driver just doesn't seem like the career move one would be dying to make.

    Broadway is 24 km long?!?!?! That's the distance between my town and the nearest biggest city. Or should I say "city", comparing to NYC every thing's tiny, I guess.

    It looks like you had an amazing time. You're probably already contemplating your next trip, huh?:)

    1. Really??:D Where are you going next if it's not a secret?

  23. The one place I dream of visiting! Amazing photos, looks like you had a great time xx


  24. Loved this post and the photos were stunning!!
    Really want to visit NY one day as well

    Christina xx

  25. Some of your pictures aren't loading, you should check the links.

    You definitely hit all the top spots in New York City!! I usually go to museums and meet up with friends while I'm there, but I remember I used to go to Chinatown and Little Italy a lot as well.

    Sophisticated Lace

  26. Wish you a week full of happiness!
    Kisses from Miami,

  27. It looks like you had an amazing trip! I have fond memories of Bryant Park from my last visit to NYC, it's the perfect place to stop and take a breather - and the scenery couldn't be lovelier :)

  28. So inspiring and authentic pics - really love them, Colleen! I've never been to NY until yet and now I'm really longing for a trip to this amazing city <3! Thank's for sharing your impressions with us! Looking forward to the next one :-) ... Kisses from sunny and very hot (35 degrees) Vienna, Katja


    1. wow 35 degrees - send some over here!

  29. Oh my word, Col!!! These photographs are amazing! Can't believe you went to NYC. Incredible. Must have been a trip of a lifetime.
    I love your outfit with the green tee and the hat! You're looking so stylish and chic.
    Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.
    Jade xx


    1. Thanks you - you've been jetting around too it seems!

  30. Beautiful post!!! I love NY too!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  31. I will get my butt in to gear with writing my next post - I just have a lot going on at the moment! Sorry

  32. Awesome pics! How I miss New York. It is definitely my favorite city.

    Style Without Limits

  33. Hey sweets, i hope you are fine? Just checking on you.
    Stay blessed.

  34. Hey! I hope you're enjoying your stay! Don't worry I do the same when I travel. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

    Personal Style Blog

  35. thanks for sharing the pictures..., I miss NY so much, I hope I can go visit there again!
    p.s. love your purse!
    MI Vivere

  36. Hi Colleen. are you still in New York? I like to see more NY pictures. :)
    Have a nice day, Cla


  37. Thanks sweetie,don't let your worries weigh you down, am sure you will be fine. I hope you are back in the UK, cant wait to have you back. I wanna see you rock new styles, bring back the ''york'' style. Miss you loads.

  38. I was here sweetie.... have a lovely day.

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