Thursday, July 18, 2013


The City being New York, and the Sex…..well…..

I’m a single gal, but I’m not in to one-night-stands or fleeting holiday romances, so don’t get too exited about the title of this post, it literally is only making reference to the TV series and movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, not my night(s) of passion in NYC!

As a fashion enthusiast and a self-confessed girly girl, Sex and the City was my must watch programme of the moment back in the day; I looked forward to watching the weekly episodes - so much so that I would treat myself to a glass of Baileys on SATC night - I read the book and I watched the movies (the latter more than once, although the second time was on a plane!). I really appreciated the acting abilities of the main characters and the fact that a lot of the filming took place on the streets and edifices of New York, rather than a 'manufactured' HBO studio. So, how could a British SATC saga fanatic go to New York without including a Sex and the City Tour in their itinerary? Exactly, that’s what I thought!

My Sex and the City Tour

The first stop on the tour was the Pleasure Chest (see photo at top) located in Greenwich Village. I won’t go in to too much detail about it to respect you prudish ones, but this was the place that supposedly introduced Charlotte to the ‘Rabbit’ in one of the episodes.

The coach was full of other SATC enthusiasts -  men and women - and departed from the beautiful Pulitzer  Fountain outside the Plaza hotel on 5th Avenue. Remember, the heartfelt moment when Carrie witnessed Mr Big with his future wife after their engagement party - this scene took place in front of the Pulitzer fountain.

After the pleasure chest we visited the rather splendid Buddakan restaurant and bar, which is where Carrie and Big’s wedding rehearsal dinner took place. I’ve heard the food is great here, but we didn’t have time to go back and sample it unfortunately.

The dining room inside Buddakan
We passed through the heart of the meatpacking district where Samantha’s loft apartment was based, but unfortunately we didn’t make a stop here. We did however stop at the bar - Scout - that Steve and Aidan opened together, where we enjoyed a Cosmopolitan. The bar is now called ONieals.

My favourite stop was the West Village in Greenwich Village, a beautiful residential area with a mix of quaint and chic boutiques; it’s also reported to be the area that Sarah Jessica Parker calls home. The West Village is where you will find Bleecker Steet, Bleeker Playground (remember when Mirander falls over the pushchair in front of  Steve’s  new stunning girlfriend? - this scene took place at Bleecker Playground), Magnolia Bakery (OMG I was never in to cupcakes until I tasted one from this bakery) and Fresh, the cosmetic boutique made famous by SATC; it sells the most delicious smelling skin/bodycare products.

You can go in ladies.......they were on my tour bus

My first ever cupcake - if all cupcakes taste like this one, then I need to go get me some cupcakes!
The only disappointing thing about the tour was the fact that we didn’t get to visit Carrie’s stoop -  the exterior shots of Carrie’s apartment. I was a few years too late unfortunately. Apparently they stopped visits to the stoop in 2008 because of complaints from the residents - understandably!

SoHo and the Kardashians

Look what I found; it was like home from home - Topshop

oooooh shoes!

I bought my first pair of Steve Madden shoes a couple of months ago and took them to New York - 
 I never wore them; I walked far too much!

ooooh Prada bags.....I digress
As well as the Sex and the City series, there is another series I’m slightly obsessed about and often frowned upon for doing so: The Kardashian spin off shows that take place in New York. When the Kardashian sisters are filming in New York, it’s allegedly to work on the development of their Dash boutique.

SoHo is a location I consider to be a big tease for fashion enthusiasts and shopaholics like me who are trying to curb their spending habit. SoHo is also home to the Dash boutique on Spring Street, so whilst I was there I just had to take a peek. I went in to the shop, smaller than expected, but you were not allowed to take pictures. I’m too embarrassed to tell you what I bought -  not clothes, shoes or bags!

Thanks for reading about my continued adventures in NYC.

Later x


  1. Oh how girly was that! An SATC tour!That's something I'd love to do in NY. The bf will have to be left in the hotel. Or he can come and I'll give him a tour. I was a big fan of SATC too and in fact I have the box set. I was 21 then and wanted to be like them in my 30s. I remember that scene very well, when Carrie saw Big's fiancee. I was so sad for her. A cupcake, Cosmpolitan, and pair of sexy heels--just the perfect way to celebrate SATC :D


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  3. Oh what a great idee, a SATC Tour. If i,m sometimes in NY i will do this to.
    I´m a big fan of SATC from the beginning. I saw very episode so many times.
    I really loves Carries style.

    Your pictures looks great and i´m sure you had fun an this tour.
    Have a nice weekend, Cla

    1. It was very nostalgic seeing all the hotspots. You must do it when you visit NY x

  4. Hey Colleen, I loved SATC! We used to watch it religiously.... although I've never seen the film. I must get it out to watch.
    Great pics of NY. So jealous you went to the Magnolia Bakery. I love cupcakes.

    1. Oh you must see the films....fabulous!

  5. Lovely pics...thank you for sharing...


  6. What a fun thing to do! I really enjoyed following along with you. Your first cupcake - well you made it a good one! We bought some from Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdales, Dubai a couple of weeks ago - delicious! Your Steve Madden heels are lovely but maybe not ideal for walking around New York although there would have been a time when I would have tried but I'm more sensible these days!!

    1. Aaah I didn't realise Magnolia Bakery was a chain; they were delicious!

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