Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's that time again - Holiday Time!

Aaah….. my trip to New York  feels like a distant memory now, and I only visited the splendor of the Big Apple two months ago. It was probably one of the most exciting, action-packed and exhausting holidays I've ever had. Consequently, it left me feeling in need of a  relaxing, chilled-out break; something to act as an antidote to what has already been an eventful year. Has anyone else felt like this - a holiday has left you feeling like you need to go on another retreat, not because you have holiday-blues, just simply because you don’t feel like you've had a break?

I'm not someone who enjoys lounging around on a beach all day, every day, as that can become too monotonous. One of my favourite holidays was a Caribbean cruise because it incorporated everything that is great in a holiday: all-inclusive meals; sunshine; beaches; excursions; island hopping; Americans (they’re just so damn elated and polite aren't they); relaxation; and adventure. I used to be a bit of a sceptic when it came to cruises, wrongly assuming that they were just for the wealthy, retired folk, but the Caribbean cruise completely reversed that perception, which is why I am excited as hell to be going on another cruise this Saturday -  a Mediterranean cruise this time!

So, given I will be spending 7 nights on water, I thought, for this post, I’d follow through with a water theme with my NYC photos. The snaps above were taken when I took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, and the ones below were taken in Central Park.

Now for the fashion personal style bit: I love to wear maxi-dresses on holiday; they are cool, comfortable and chic. They can be worn casually during the day, and then dressed up with accessories and heels for the evening. Having items of clothing that are versatile enough to wear for any occasion is essential when you have such a restrictive luggage allowance - 20kg, are they having a laugh!

I'm a bit of a shop snob. There are certain shops that I have previously refused to frequent, but my eyes were opened last weekend when I was dragged (not quite kicking and screaming, but with a frown on my face) in to Forever 21 and Primark. In Forever 21, I snapped up some cheap and cheerful, but gorgeous shoes, and then I clapped eyes on this dress when I was in Primark; it was a bargain! The colour is quite 'adventurous' for me, but the blue does work with my water theme, right?

Dress Primark

Wedges - Topshop (a hint of nautical maybe?)

Snood/scarf  Warehouse

I look forward to blogging again and catching up with you and your blogs on my return. I’m the naughty, rebellious ‘blogger’ that refuses to blog or read blogs whilst on holiday -  apologies in advance - but you can keep up to date with Forcailini/me if you wish on Twitter and Facebook

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I've been coerced in to trying my hand at Instagram - go check it out: Instagram @forcailini.

Later x


  1. Love the dress and wedges! Am a water baby as well. I never thought I would like cruises but I went on a transatlantic cruise once and it was one of the best trips I ave had! And to arrive nd sail by the statue of liberty is much better than JFK!! Xx

  2. That dress is fab on you - love the colour!
    I've never been on a cruise, but have spent a lot of time on water in one way or another.
    Hope you have a great trip and return feeling totally relaxed and invigorated!

  3. Super chic look
    love the colour of dress
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  4. Stunning you! You look fresh in blue, lurvn your net scarf too. Babes you are out there rocking again? Well,enjoy!!! and bring back all the goodies.

  5. Wow girl you look fabulous!!! this maxi cobalt dress is a show stopper !!!

    Beautiful snaps.. I'm inlove with this city!

    Waiting for you to come back!

    Have a great weekend hun,

  6. You look fab in blue!! I love your shoes!

  7. Hi Colleen! Remember well your travel over NYC, is an amazing city that would love so bad visiting one day soon!:) The snaps took in the ferry and at the Central Park are great, lots of water indeed!:) And for sure your blue maxi dress is well matched with that. The shade suits you and the wedges go well with it, looking so pretty! I love cruises too, enjoy yours and have lots of fun! Followed you also on fb now. Kisses and happy holiday dear! xo

  8. Wow your New York was two month ago?! i thought only one...
    I wish you a great cruise trip and enjoy it.
    Your Primark dress is fantastic and blue is a great color for you. I´m sure you will find same space in you suitcase for these dress. Have fun, Cla

  9. OMG, I absolutely love that electric blue dress! It's so unique, I can't believe it's from Primark. And I LOVE NYC! I also know what you mean. I always feel more exhausted after my trips, because we're always doing SO much and always running around, but it's nice to break free from the corporate shackles every now and then.


  10. We really love your dress!!!
    Chic With The Least
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  11. oh no at the beginning of the post I though u were in NY ... I'm flying there tomorrow! It would have been so nice to meet!
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  12. Ah, looks so fun! Great dress.

  13. New york seems like such a beautiful place, I really want to go one day!

  14. I always feel like I need another holiday when I get back from one. I think I need a 3-month holiday until I get sick of it. Haha. Enjoy your cruise darl and make sure you bring home some nice photos. I love that turquoise blue tone and I even wear that colour in winter! :D
    have a lovely time! xxx

    1. 3-month holiday aaaah, if only! Anyway thanks Marj and will do xx

  15. Hi! I didn't know about your blog and i love it! would you like to follow eachtoher? I'm following you! :)

  16. I know what you mean - yes, many times I said "I need vacations because of my vacations". But I am glad you had such an eventful time in NYC! Now, this post is really what I love - loads of water. Like you said, not so much a beach, but water in general! Your dress looks lovely, I loved that shade of blue! You look very beautiful and I hope you have a great Saturday then! denisesplanet com

  17. The dress is look great and you are going on holiday, girl I am so jealous...


  18. You look so gorgeous ! Your pictures are amazing !

  19. Dearest Colleen, how great that you are going to a cruise! I have vacation next week, too, but I think you are not surprised that I will stay at home :)

    You look wonderful in your blue dress - perfect colour for you <3

    Wish you the as relaxing and perfect vacation which you need and want!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  20. You look amazing!
    Gorgeous dress. N d color looks great on u. I love ur scarf/snood!

  21. Thank's for sharing this beautiful and inspiring pics with us, my dearest Colleen <3 ... Would be so great to be there, too :-) ... And your maxi dress and scarf are TOTALLY great - perfect!! - What do you think about my today's look? Kisses from Vienna,


  22. What a beautiful day...and outfit! That blue suits you really well!!

  23. I enjoyed all your 'water pictures' and what a great maxi dress - a gorgeous rich colour and the polka dot wedges really make the outfit. I hope you've had a relaxing holiday!

  24. love it!

  25. The blue works with your water theme?? The blue works with your body phenomenally, I'd say! You look so frigging hot in this dress, you've got all the right curves in all the right places, babe! Go to Primark more often.;) And have a relaxing time, recharge your batteries.;)

    P.S.: I'm checking your previous post right now! I've lived like an average American while in the States so I've managed to pack an extra pound or two - hooray for burgers and fries.:)

    1. ha ha, it sounds like my previous post came just at the right time then! Good luck!


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