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A great friend who has the same shoe size as you!

Why is it that something that can make you feel so chic, so tall, so elegant and so feminine can make you feel so darn uncomfortable! Yes I'm talking about those fashion essentials that make your feet burn on a night out or a day out shopping - 5-inch heels!

I don't really own a pair of heels that I can describe as being comfortable, even my wedges, which tend to give your feet that extra bit of support, can give me grief when I've worn them for over 2 hours. Nonetheless, in terms of shoes I'm a masochist; I choose fashion and style over comfort and practicality and just suffer the consequences when I gently ease them off my achy feet.

Designer shoes: don't think that because they are designer and cost more than a holiday to Europe that they will feel any more like velvet on your feet, they are just as bad and in my experience worse; my Louboutins are among the most uncomfortable shoes I own.

My girl and I went out on Friday night and she wore her new pink Dune wedges (seen in the photos above). They caused her so much pain that despite only wearing them once, she decided she never wanted to see them again; it was almost as though she had developed an aversion to them. What happened next was bittersweet. When I slid my feet  in to her pink beauties (in a manner similar to how I  imagine Cinderella to have slid her feet in to her glass slippers), the inevitable happened: my friend said goodbye to a pair of shoes that she once adored as they sat pretty in her Dune box, but I said hello to a new pair of wedges that now sit pretty in my shoe 'closet' - boom!

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Top New Look
Hat Zara
Wedges Dune

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  1. This hat looks great on you, I love your look !

  2. Hi Colleen. Your girl is a really good friend. Good for you she has the same shoes-size.
    I have really really big feet, nobady has my size. My doughter wishs she had my size, because she loves my shoes.

    You look great in your ourfit and your wedges, the skirt is also amazing.

  3. You are so right! I have gradually stopped wearing heels over the past couple of decades. I still wear them for going out, but never for long walks/shopping/any trip of over a couples of 100m! My tolerance for discomfort is just too low these days!
    Those wedges are gorgeous, and don't look uncomfy at all.
    Louboutins are crippling, and I rarely see anyone who cAn walk in them, which totally ruins the aura of elegance!

  4. you are a masochist but you look good - i am always comfy but look like crap.
    i used to fit into my moms shoes until i was 13 so i missed out on all her great shoes! love the outfit with the hat and peekaboo abs xx

  5. Oh my!!! Very cool wedges, I love dune shoes, they are one of my faves because of their solid finishing. Girl i love your maxi and your styling is perfection!!!

  6. Indeed those are a perfect match for you! Beautiful wedges!!! Love the way you paired them with the printed maxi skirt and the loos cropped top!!!

    You are so right heels are meant for fashion and style! not for comfy :)

  7. Hi Colleen! Well done, your friend is really great!:) The wedges look amazing and I also wear them more often that heels!:) Looking so pretty dear! Kisses and have a nice week ahead! xo

  8. Beautiful look!!! I love your Maxi skirt!!!
    Nice wedges!!! is true we women like to suffer with shoes...
    Have a good week, dear Colleen!!! g+ and like for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. Love love love your shoes!!!
    Chic With The Least
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  10. Hi, dear Colleen, congrats to this great gift! It´s really an advantage that your friend has the same shoes size like you :) The shoes looking perfect on you and I love it so much how you paired it with that maxi skirt and the cropped top, the cherry on the cake is your hat <3

    I made the same experience: Designer shoes must not be comfortable ...

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. Bellissima! Sorry...just got back from Sicily so I'm still Italian-ising everything. Hahahaha. Love this look on you. Those shoes can kill but who says they're for walking? They're meant for sitting down and crossing your legs to show off. Have a lovely day my dear! xxx

    1. No need to apologise hun, how lovely you were in Italy!

      Me, sit down, I'm always on the go ha xx

  12. It's a shame that your friend had such an awful experience with these wedges, but how lucky you are to have benefited from it - they are gorgeous! When it comes to heels, I think it must be terrible to be a shoemaker... every foot is different! I personally find Louboutins ridiculously, over-the-top comfortable. I had a chance to borrow a pair and test drive them, which is what convinced me to buy. But I know so many people, just like you, who find them terribly uncomfortable, which is such a shame.

    1. That's such an interesting (and true) perspective what you said about the shoemaker - I have quite wide feet, unfortunately! x

  13. You have a good friend there. She must have been so disappointed with the shoes but she'll be pleased they have one to a good home! The neutral colour is gorgeous and versatile too. I find wedges more comfortable than heels but I've always been prepared to suffer a little if I fall in love with a pair of shoes!

  14. Omg, babe, these looks so gorgeous. And you look gorgeous too, I love the smile and the outfit too.;) I've heard that Loboutines hurt like a mother!! And then the price, that hurts too.:) But some are just so pretty, right??

    P.S.: Thank you for your comments, hon, I really appreciate them all and I feel like a bad blogger not coming here more often but I have close to nothing time on this trip. I'll be home in about 10 days and I'll redeem myself, I promise! Hope you're doing great!;)

    1. aaaaw that's sweet hun, I've really enjoyed reading your posts and living vicariously through your travels x

    2. I'm gad you like it, because sometimes I would rather not post anything because of the lack of time, so it's good to hear somebody appreciates it.;)

      I'm using a Nikon D90 and I frigging love it, it really captures colours beautifully.

  15. I'm not so lucky my best friend runs a size smaller than me!

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