Friday, September 20, 2013


Hello Autumn!

Based on the previous week's weather, I think we can safely say that autumn is well on its way here in the UK (officially the 22 September), and this is probably one of the last times I will be getting my stubby pins out for a while, so I thought I’d post them here before I put them away till next year – no more waxing and shaving…….whoop, whoop!

Autumn is an interesting season for street-style fashion because there is such a contrast between what people choose to wear: some people are squeezing the last bit of life out of their summer apparel before putting them in to storage, while others are already donning their winter clothes and boots; so you could be standing in Topshop with someone wearing sandals and a lightweight sweatshirt in front of you, and someone wearing knee-high boots and an oversized coat behind you. It doesn't take much to fascinate me, but this observation does!

What am I looking forward to most about autumn/winter fashion? Wearing all black without being questioned by those who refuse to wear black in summer, and having even more of an excuse to buy more hats and wear them more often, although the beanie - tipped to be this season's hottest hat trend - will take a bit of getting used to it. What autumn/winter fashion are you looking forward to?

            Coat Topshop (last season)
Hat Topshop
Dress (old)
    Heels Christian Louboutin
  Necklace Tiffany & Co

Later x


  1. Great look! Love the blazer with a svelte inside ensemble...tres sexy. Mi do like your shoes, those are the types that are staples but I have low resistance to heels lately. Ii can't bare all that waxing and shaving. Waxing is always in two stages even tho I let it grow out so I end up always waxing! Ugh. Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Low resistance to heels lol. I think I have too, but I suffer the discomfort! x

  2. I must say this is one of your best ensemble :) Just love it!
    I was wearing knee-high boots the other day and wearing converse today. All the havaianas are already in storage.
    I look forward to some (yes, some, coz I can't make up my mind on which cut; selling old ones by the way, so I'm not hoarding) new coats, wearing all sorts of tights, and my new fashion piece would be hats :D I'm not into beanies so no thanks. I still shave coz I can't grow my hair that long for waxing. Haha.
    Have a lovely weekend! xxx

    PS. Tyra saw your photos. She says you've got potential :D

    1. Interesting that you say you are selling rather than hoarding because I have loads to sell too, but haven't quite decided the best route/method to sell, that and the fact that I'm too lazy to find out. Let me know how the selling goes!

      hee hee re. Tyra x

  3. Wearing black without being questioned by people who only wear it during cold weather/refuse to layer black on black/think it looks too much like mourning is one of my favourite things about fall. I say bring on the neutrals - although I do like to have bare legs as long as possible - and I love this black and gray ensemble :)

  4. I looovvvvee your shoes!
    You look great!
    All black never looked this good.

  5. The black and light grey combination suits you so well. I know exactly what you mean about strret style at the moment. I was so cold that I gave in and wore my new ankle boots (no turning back now!) but yesterday there were people in sleeveless tops! It is meant to be 22 degrees on Monday though. By the way, your box tree is very well dressed!

  6. Morning Colleen! I agree with you, autumn is an interesting season for fashion and is really perfect for layers, experiments and mix!:) I also will wear lots of black and hats, I love beanies and usually wear them in winter since I suffer the cold so much!:) You look stunning dear, totally love the whole combo, the heels are to die for and I'd like to get a hat as yours! Have a lovely weekend, kisses! xo

  7. I love your Christina Louboutin´s , are these shoes comfy?

    I´m a summer-kid, and autumn/winter is not my time. But every fall i´m happy if i can wear my firentini baker boots. I Have these boots since 4 years and still in love.

  8. Wow!! The shoes are to die for!!
    Chic With The Least
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  9. Wow hun.. You look fabulous!! the ansamble you wear is so beautiful!! love mini skirts/dresses underneath oversize coat!! and love this topshop coat sooo much!!

    I am looking to wear jackets and coats and do some cool layering!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. Babes you look super hot Hot!!! I love your grey jacket so much!!! Omg!!! I can't stop starring ''eyes popping'' You look fabulous from head to toe. Whao!!! and those heels...<333
    New post @
    Have a lovely evening babes..

  11. Hi dear Colleen, your look is perfect for Autuum! Fortunately we enjoy here in Bavaria since last week wonderful weather and it´s not necessary to wear really warm clothes. Although I have to admit that I bought already many stuff, but as usual I can´t decide in which style so have a piece from this and a pieces from that trend ;)

    And I have bought some beanies and caps, because like you I have the opinion that this pieces are really necessary this Autuum - and not only because it´s cold!

    Wish you a happy Autuum!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Beanie or not, you work this hat perfectly, babe! And your plant does too.:D Although I agree that less shaving part is great as far as fall/winter wardrobe goes, you shouldn't hid your gorgeous, sexy legs till next summer - legs like these deserve to be flaunted!!

  13. Hi Colleen, lovely hat and outfit, you look great. And I agree with Peet, just because it's autumn, you're not obligated to cover your legs with tights and pants. You look amazing.
    Dusana :-)

  14. You look amazing, dear Colleen!!!:)))


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