Friday, November 22, 2013


No, more like style inspiration
Kim Kardashian in Max Mara Oversized Coat

ASOS Oversized Coat
I've always had a penchant for this style of long length, oversized coat, but felt my 5ft 4.5in (can’t forget the half) height didn't really lend too well to this kind of design, so when I saw my celebrity style crush, Miss Kim Kardashian, who is reportedly 5ft 2in, sporting this camel coloured Max Mara coat I thought, well why not give it a try, after all, oversized menswear-style coats are among some of the biggest fashion trends this season so that's an added bonus in one respect. So, I surfed the web until I stumbled across a somewhat similar one on ASOS, at a fraction of the price of course, the rest, as they say, is history……..

Some people would say, “get your own style instead of copying others”, to which I’d respond, “get a life!”. If you like something and feel it would suit you, you should buy it (if it’s within your means of course), regardless of who has worn a similar style or garment before you. Isn't that how catwalk fashion works? It’s about inspiration, it’s just I feel I relate better to Kim’s fashion and style rather than that of the catwalk supermodels. Interestingly, her outfit in the last photo featured on worst dressed lists, but personally I think it’s a great casual get-up; the coat works just as well with a chic dress and heels as shown in the first photo.

I complemented my ASOS camel coat with my Kurt Geiger animal print booties, and of course my new Anya Hindmarch tote.

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  1. Colleen! Wow, you nailed it!! First of all, you look enchanting! One of your best outfit so far! I always love the combo of black and camel, the coat is very ladylike and a staple garment, for sure you will use it a lot! The tote goes well with the combo, I'm just drooling over the booties as well! Regarding the inspiration, actually I agree with you. I think fashion is all about inspiration. Once I've heard that artists are also copycat, what makes different is the "interpretation". The Kim's look is inspiring indeed, especially in the first pic. Kisses dear, have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. You look a lot taller, babe - than Kim and than you say you are! I'm guessing the fact that you must weigh a few (and by few I mean a lot) pounds less than her does the trick of elongating you. And yes, all the nagging people should get a life! It's called inspiration, not grand theft coat-o.:)

    P.S.: My last post was made mainly because of you, just FYI.:)

    P.P.S.: You boots!!! I want you boots!!!!

    1. So... I have CS6 and it's from the Internet, but that friend of mine gave it to me and he doesn't remember where he found it. It's from some torrent site but that's all he knows. If/When he remembers it or I figure it out, I'll let you know asap! And you're more than welcome for the post - you asked and I answered, I have manners.;) I hope it'll be of any use to you...

    2. It's me again.:D My friend check on his computer and found the original file and it says:

      Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 final multilanguage (patch-painteR) ChingLiu

      Here's one of the links where you can download it if you decide to:

      If that won't work, you can always just look on Google for Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 final multilanguage (patch-painteR) ChingLiu for other links because there's a bunch apparently.:)

  3. You look amazing!! Love your shoes!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  4. Babes you are rocking that coat soooooo much better than KK. Sorry but it is true. Somehow she manages to make a staple such a camel coat look like a trip to walmart. ( I know you like her and i will admit when she looks good but this ain't one of those times sorry ) I have a camel coat but i need to sort it out as it is twenty years old but has coffee stains but i can't let it go!! xx

  5. You look amazing, dear Colleen!!! very elegant your coat and boots!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!! my g+ and like for you!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. The combination of black and camel looks always elegant and your bag is perfect for these outfit. Your leo booties are the eyecatcher of these outfit. Dear Colleen, YOU are very inspirting. I think i need a coat in camel.
    Have a nice weekend

  7. That's an elegant and stylish look! I've always loved camel coats - timeless especially with black. I like the way they can be dressed up or down too. This is one of my favourite outfits and the bag is the perfect accessory. The touch of animal print adds a little individuality too.

  8. Sorry Kim K, but my Colleen pulls off the oversized camel coat much better than you do! I think our style is inspired by someone else's so it's ok to be wearing something 'copied' from someone else as long as you don't copy everything about the other a la Single White Female. Sometimes when I'm stuck in a style rut or need some ideas on what to wear for an event or party, I look at gossip mags and sites for inspiration. Haha. It works. I've had this Uniqlo camel coat for a year and will be wearing it again. Now, I'm off to find jeans exactly like yours. Haha. Have a good week xxx

    1. Like I said to Naomi: ooooh eehh, blushing! Thanks hun, you have a great week too - happy shopping. I got mine in the sales section, so I hope there's some left for you x

  9. Hi dear Colleen, how good that you finally decided to buy such a oversized camel coat because it looks really fantastic on you and - to be honest - much much better than on Kim! I like the elegance of this coats really but I have to admit that camel mostly doesn´t look very good on me :)

    And can´t stop looking on your wonderful bag, I want again to confirm that this was a really good purchase and I love your leo booties so much!

    Wish you a happy start in the new week.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. You have no idea how estatic I get whenever I remember that Kim's my height! Loll! Thanks for the reminder.
    As per style copying, there's absolutely nothing wrong in it. It only gets bad if you wear clothes that aren't right for your body just you wanna dress like someone else.
    Style inspiration, take it and make it your own!
    I agree that Kim's last outfit was sooo wrong. The oversize coat on flat boots, just shortened her.

    Now to your outfit, sweetheart I want to take that coat from you and run away so we could live happily ever after!
    Absolutely love it!
    Fab color. And the length is perfect on you, not at your ankles like Kim's.
    It actually made you look taller.
    Gorgeous boots!

    Keep killing it!

  11. love the outfit,cute bag

  12. Wow Colleen.. I've missed you! I just came back from Barcelona and bought a similar coat from zara, I am so happy that I saw the way you styled it! It helps me to style mine and you gave me a great idea to combin it with black and leopard!

    You look stunning and always keep true to yourself are your style! Colleen way of the oversize coat-love it!

    have a great week hun,

  13. I must say, I think you wear this style better than Kim does - maybe it's because you're a little bit taller (although I hope that's not it because I'm 5'2" and I would love to try and oversized coat) but it just hangs perfectly on you and the camel colour really stands out against your black outfit. And those adorable leopard booties are the perfect finishing touch!

  14. Your styling is amazing....I love the coat and you look fab....

  15. Morning Colleen! Have a great day dear, kisses! xo

  16. this coat is gorgeous! :*

  17. Great styling...!!
    Wonderful outfit ,,,.Love the way you have paired the things with.
    Fantatsic , Perfect outfit
    Looks graceful!!!

    relevant things!~!~!~!~!~


    1. There are some similar ones still on ASOS, but not quite as long in length.


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