Friday, November 01, 2013


The Clocks and Fashion 

Since last weekend the UK has been on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); the clocks went back one hour at 2am last Sunday so we all benefited from an extra hour under our duvet, however, unfortunately it also means that over the coming months we have to adjust our bodies and lives to fewer daylight hours and deal with travelling home from work in the dark uuugh! I dread this time of year because I hate that by 4.30pm I have to substitute natural light for artificial light. I also become very lazy and unsociable because I get too comfortable in my cozy, warm, dry and ambient lit living room; I find excuse after excuse to avoid leaving the house after 5.30pm - is it my age, I don't remember always being like this? If any of my friends are reading, I really was washing my hair on Saturday night!

Whilst on the subject of turning back the clocks, I thought I would look at the concept of turning back the hands of time from a fashion perspective, in terms of some of my favourite current trends that have made a come-back from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. In no particular order……..

1. The Satchel
Believe it or not the satchel was popular during the 17th century, but  before it exploded on to our fashion scene - thanks to the Cambridge Satchel Company -  we were perhaps more familiar with it being a traditional school bag, and often associated it with the classic image of the English school child. Julie Deane, founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company, has brought the satchel in to 21st century fashion and I love them -  thank you Julie!

Cambridge Satchel Company

Both of my satchels are actually from Zatchels

2. The Androgynous Trend
 Of all the trends that have passed us by, those with a masculine accent have always appealed to me. I think this trend is edgy, sexy-chic, it can be quirky if you’re willing to play around with it and it will always capture a few stares from the people-watchers. It’s been a source of interest and intrigue since Diane Keaton starred in Annie Hall. I definitely intend to experiment more with this trend.

Ralph Lauren

3. Flares and wide-legged pants
 I don’t aspire to the traditional supermodel’s body, in fact the bodies that I tend to envy are quite the opposite. I love larger than average curves (butt and boobs -  think Kim K, Beyonce) and given I wasn't blessed with the curves I’d like, I occasionally try to accentuate the ones I have with my clothes and shoes. Flares and wide-legged pants, a 70’s fashion staple, are perfect for this. My butt instantly looks, shall we say, peachier, especially since you are forced to wear heels with these types of trousers! I love this Michael Kors '70’s-cool' look on Olivia Wilde.

4. Oversize Fashion
 Oversized fashion was popular in the 80’s. It pretty much touches on the androgynous trend; oversized women's fashions rarely come into style without elements of men's fashion. Oversize has a major advantage in that it fits basically every figure, as long as it is worn right of course. The general rule is a loosely fitting top must be combined with tightly fitting pants and vice versa, although the models below haven't quite adhered to this.

I've just bought this coat from ASOS -  watch this space!

5. Overalls
 I debated about rocking this trend for a while, associating them with farmers and little kids, but once I took the plunge with my ASOS purchase, I haven’t looked back. I wear my dungarees everywhere – sometimes as a lazy day outfit with flats to go shopping and on occasion I've added a bit of chicness by donning them with strappy heels for a night out with the girls at one of my go-to restaurants. Overalls, of course, were a fashion feature of the 90’s and all the cool kids would wear them with one strap undone. I haven’t tried that yet.

What trend/s are you welcoming back?

Later x


  1. I wish 1950 outfits would come back as they flattered a women's figure but nothing too costumes or anything! But I wish skinny jeans would go away...xx

    1. I agree about the skinny jeans because the only way I can wear them is with skyscraper heels!! x

  2. Hi Colleen! Also here in Italy we turn the clock back one you I always feel lazy and tired during this time of the year, a good excuse to stay cosy and warm at home...maybe eating some sweets!:) The trends you listed are all very cool and I am quite happy about their return, let me say that you are sporting them all in such cool way too!:) My fav are the overalls and the mannish style. Have a lovely weekend dear, kisses! xo

  3. Hello colleen. Yes every trend is coming back. Some I like, some I don't like. Flared pants for me are never out, I would wear theses pants everytimes.
    I don't need some trends from the 80's, like the really big shoulder jackets. My new/old favorite this season are pencil-skirt, I like it feminine.
    I wish you a nice Sunday

  4. I would choose the Satchel, but all looks are great. I like coming back trends, designers modify them, make it even more interesting to wear.

    Makeup Demon blog
    Makeup Demon Bloglovin

  5. Wowww.. I love that you showed different periods of fashion and how they are coming back! it's great that you added photos of yourself wearing those trends (love love love how you embrace trends without being a fashion victim.. which is to easy to fall in to..)!

    I love overalls although they don't look on me as good as on you!! great interesting post as always:)

    Have a fabulous weekend hun..

  6. Beautiful selection!!! I love your post!!
    Have a good week, dear Colleen!! my g+ and like for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. I think I've welcomed back most of the trends in your list! In fact, I don't consider them trends coz they're always in my wardrobe because I've learnt over time that these styles suit me. Flares and wide-legged pants are a staple now. My favourite coat is oversized. I'm getting a satchel, I'm just convincing myself I need it. Haha. I'm trending on a beret (a leopard print one for me) which I'll match with a red lipstick and my longer hair, and been thinking about brogues. The latter will be trendy for me coz I prefer heels. Just realised I'm not really into trends. I go with what I feel like wearing. Anyway, hope your detour to Oxford Circus served you well :D Have a good week!! xxx

    1. Can't wait to see your satchel and I would love to see the beret-lipstick-hair-brogues ensemble. I'll keep my eye on Instagram.

      I avoided Oxford Street like the plague when I lived in London, but interestingly enough, I enjoyed the hustle and bustle as a 'tourist' this weekend! x

  8. Babes you look bang hot in all these photos, I am seriously loving the satchel bags. I see you got a long coat from Asos, can't wait to see you rock it, Love it!

  9. You did such a great job styling all of these looks! I'm not a huge fan of the Annie Hall look overall, but I do love the oversized coats that came with it - my mom just gave me one of hers from around that era and I can't wait to wear it all winter long!

  10. Turning back was a great idea, dear Colleen! And such a pleasure to see your wonderful satchel again which inspired me to buy the same :) I think I welcoming back escpecially the cropped top trend but I´m also really happy about the overall trend which you wear in perfection <3

    Wish you a happy new week!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. Damn, you look good in that outfit with the tie!! I'm a huge fan of androgynous fashion too, I think a tie on a woman is really hot. And the wide pants and oversized coats just as much! If a woman can feel and emit sexy in clothes that don't cling to the body and show off everything - that's the true essence of sexy right there. Like real men who can wear pink.:)

  12. What an interesting post. Firstly, I enjoyed the extra hour in bed but I really don't like the shorter days! My favourite trend here is the oversized coat even though I still haven't invested in one. Your tan one is a great versatile colour and I'm sure you will get plenty of wear out of it. I love the Cambridge satchels too - a real success story for the founder.
    For some reason I'm no longer getting your new posts by email. I just happened to pop by today and
    spotted this post. I'm now following on Bloglovin' !

  13. Ah, I love the concept of this post and the trends showcased so much!!! I love the satchels and how you're rocking your palazzo pants, great fashion sense!

    Have a great weekend,
    Mary x

  14. Fashion keeps coming back, bigger and better.
    My fave ol-new trend is the dungarees. I love the fit of yours. You look great in them.
    Still haven't found a perfect one for me yet.


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