Saturday, January 18, 2014



I will readily admit that I’m not growing old gracefully, maybe I am mentally, but physically and emotionally I’m definitely not. I had a tough time adjusting to life in my third decade, so much so that I went to Orlando for my 30th birthday -  a place that I associate with youth revival. The majority of the time I do, fortunately, forget that I’m not in my twenties anymore, but every now and again something will rear its ugly head and remind me:

-Tick boxes; you know those forms you fill in where you have to tick the age category you fall in to. A lot of them have a 25-34 box which I fall into nicely and tick exultantly because I can still be grouped with the twenty-somethings,  however there are some that make you tick a 30-39 box, at which point I question myself whether I should lie!

-Asda (Walmart); I often get asked for ID when I buy some alcohol. To be fair, the age limit is 25 rather than 18, but as I resort to getting my driver’s licence out to prove to the lovely checkout lady that I am frigging over 25, it’s just another gentle reminder that despite not looking my age, I am getting older.

-Funding;  as many of you know I run my own little nutrition consultancy. The government are doing so much for small businesses these days, but according to some of the best funding providers I’m too old to receive funding! The Prince's Trust is a popular option for a lot of young folk who are trying to develop their small businesses, but the support is only available to those aged 18-30.; just the other day I read an article about’s success (sales surged by 132% to 67.2 million in its last financial year and they’re planning a 500 million float in 2014), some of which I, no doubt, contributed to. I was contently perusing the article until I reached the sentence, ‘the family backed firm is an entirely online retailer targeting the under-25’s’. Whoever said “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” were living in cloud-cuckoo-land!

So on to today’s outfit. The rebellion in me is ignoring a couple of the fashion tenets associated with how women should dress in their thirties: I’m wearing all black (as usual), a mini biker skirt, over the knee boots, but do I care……….nope, I say WHATEVER!

Top H&M
Skirt  H&M
Boots  Zara
Bag  Sophie Hulme

Later x


  1. you look hotter than most 20 year olds darlin'!

    turning 30 was hard but once i turned 30 it was cool. to be honest i really dont want to be in my 20's again - i had a great time but there was a lot of angst. It must be the hormones or something. Can't explain it. But I never believed people when they said getting older is great because I always saw some women have a hard time ageing but it is true - you grow more into your skin...xx

  2. Really?? That's what they said?! That doesn't sound smart from a business standpoint at all and by their words, I'm too old for Boohoo too.:D And I get asked for my ID card too sometimes when I buy alcohol, I think it's really funny actually. Especially when they find out I'm of legal drinking age in any country or on any continent by far.:) But as far as the outfit and these photos are concerned, I wholeheartedly agree with Naomi above - you look frigging hotter than most 20-something girls!! And I want that H&M top.

  3. You forgot to add that you should not wear slogan t-shirts but you look great anyway.

    1. ha ha yes! You are so right, or shop in H&M!

  4. You made me smile Colleen! We have the same age so I can totally understand you and all the points! I know that site..I dont think is good only for who is under 25's lol! You totally rock dear, the whatever sweater is so funny and so cool with what you paired. Im drooling over your bag!:)
    Good luck with your business activity, the limit age for the funding is so ridiculous and no sense..a kind of problem that exists also here, they should extend at least to 35. Happy Sunday, kisses! xo

  5. Your write-ups are always the high point of my days!
    Lmao! @'cloud-cuckoo-land!'.
    True that!

    You look waaayyy hotter than most 20 something year olds and for that, you should be super proud of you!
    I would add an extra year less than 4weeks from now n I'm freaking out! I hope I learn to grow into my skin.

    That skirt is super fine! And your boots....I want!
    You look amazing!

  6. The 30´s was my best time in my life, now i´m close to 50´s and sometimes it´s not so nice. Every week i find another construction area on my body. ;)
    30´s something is young, Colleen. You can do and wear everything you want. With 30 you can change your hole life.
    You look amazing in your mini skirt and the sweater. I love the boots.
    Have a nice weekend

  7. Oh Dear...I laughed all through reading your post especially where you mentioned ''30-39'' Am in my late 30's, I absolutely agree with (Glam up lifestyle) You can wear everything you want as long as you not wearing logo 30plus everywhere you go :) Sometimes when i act like am in my late 20's but My inner self just keeps on haunting lol but whatever :) love that Slogan on your top.. I have never purchased alcohol but tried it twice with hubby and almost lost my memory lol.. Mann.. You look Wickedd from head to toe.

  8. haahaa Colleen.. you made my lough through all the reading of your post!! How women should dress at their 30' ?? Should somebody tell the 18' that they are still girls.. and how to dress not like you will look in you thirty's :)

    You look better, fiercer and hotter than any girl in her 20' !!! love that total black look, and you are right - WHATEVER!!!


  9. I know exactly what you mean about those irritating little tick boxes with their age groups! I like your all black outfit and that top made me smile. I see you are using your new Sophie Hulme bag which looks very classy. I'm sure you're going to find that it's a great addition to your wardrobe. It will go with so many different outfits.

  10. I am right there with you, Colleen - not getting old gracefully! Although I'm only in my late twenties, my rebellion against my increasing age began at 25... and every time I get asked for ID when I purchase alcohol (which is still every time I purchase alcohol), it is just a small reminder that some day, that will stop happening. But then again, age is just a number, and I say if you can still rock pieces from Boohoo (or H&M and Zara), then that is exactly what you should do. The fact of the matter is, you look fabulous in this outfit. And not a day over 25, either!

  11. Have to be honest, I'm not bothered anymore about age groups coz us 30-something women actually look younger than lots of 20-something out there! Hahaha. My rule about dressing up is as long as I look good in it, I don't care if it's meant for a 21-year-old. So yes, I still wear mini skirts and short shorts (I don't have leather though just because I don't want the unnecessary attention from men, and not women) matched with knee-high boots and funky jumpers. Another rule is to stick to my size and not hold on to my 6-8 size days. Some things cannot be revived. So yes, you look great in your get-up, so just go for it! The day will come when we'll look ridiculous in that and we just know when it comes, so enjoy the youthfulness while it lasts. Have a lovely day! I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things! x

  12. Dearest Colleen, to be honest I made the experience that my life became better from year to year! I remember when I was 30, my life was full of difficulties and sadness but when I look back I think my 30th birthday was a turn, after this birthday my life changed in a positive way. So please don´t worry about your age especially not only because you look beautiful and young. I´m sure your life is full of wonderful possibilties and changes, they are only waiting that you discover them and now you have the even the maturity to manage them all successfully!

    And your outfit is really cool, I like your sweater, your skirt and your boots so much <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  13. Just checking on you babes.. Have a perfect weekend.

  14. Colleen, such a nice post! And looking very beautiful as usual! I loved your hair and skirt! And I loved Asda too, so you are asked your ID, it shows you are taking good care of yourself - I mean, so good skin as to look as 25! I think more than aging, the point is quality of life and skin - I know you are a nutritionist, and I ate junk food (changing little by little), but in my defence I drink a lot of water. I think that everyone should be entitle to have the funds... after all, it's nice to contribute with an own business to the society! denisesplanet com

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