Sunday, May 18, 2014


Time to raid the other wardrobe.......

Culottes, crop-tops, satchels and denim jackets………I really am living up to my name of fashion victim; the only difference here though is I actually bought these items without deliberation about whether they would suit me, unlike the ‘ugly’ shoes in my previous post which I bought, very hesitantly, simply because they are fashionable and everyone who is anyone in the fashion blogging world appears to be wearing them – so shallow of me, eeek!

I’m quite proud of this outfit because with each piece being recycled from previous years, it hasn't contributed to this year’s credit card bill so I’m wearing it guilt-free. I house a summer wardrobe in my bedroom, as I’m sure most of you do, dedicated to apparel which only surface around this time of year, and these culottes (such a cool word, right?), the crop-top (still debating whether I’m too old for these) and the denim jacket (rare for me to wear a top that doesn't cover my ass) have made their summer 2014 début this weekend. The outfit can be dressed down and worn as casual day-wear, perhaps with the ‘ugly’ Birkenstock -style sandals or glammed up for the evening with a pair of sexy stillettos and a classic, chic bag/clutch, say the Saint LaurentCassandre tassel shoulder bag for instance…….dreamy.

Do you have any summer clothes that have made their 2014 debut yet? I look forward to hearing about them but for now, I’m off to enjoy Birmingham’s summer sun while it lasts.

Later x


  1. Love the VIDEO,! Sooo cool. I think the outfit is very chic casual and you look glam. I wish I could get away with Capri palazzo pants and the jean jackets and I was right about the post eh?? Xx

    1. Well no actually, but when you said it I felt obliged ha x

  2. Wow wow wow! Colleen, you are just so smashing! You rock! You definitely wear the crop-top and the culottes so perfectly (together these pieces go very well for me) and the last gif is just too cool! One of my fav look from u!:) I still havent worn any summer clothes yet, so far the weather was crazy, today for example rain a lot! Hope u have enjoyed ur Sun, wish you a great week ahead! Kisses! xo

  3. I never thought seeing your smiling face would bright up my day as much as it id! I've missed seeing you obviously so finally, you're back. Hello, gorgeous.;) And you most definitely can rock all the crop tops you want, babe, and you certainly don't have to cover your behind! I also have to say I'd prefer the glammed up sexy version of this outfit to the Birkenstock one.:D

  4. You look beautiful and chic! I've always loved culottes and always have a pair in my wardrobe. Got a scarf printed one last year from Zara (last piece and they didn't have lots of it, so I was lucky to have a high street purchase that's not worn by the entire high street). Will be wearing it again soon! Yes, a summer dress has made a debut today coz it's warm in London! It's a gift from a friend as it doens't fit her. A Karen Millen dress. Got a compliment from a chic French lady earlier today, so I think I hit the right spot. As I don't post photos of myself wearing new clothes, you will not see it now, but I'm sure it will show up in some posts :) Have a lovely week Colleen! x

  5. Great post...honestly I do not own too many summer clothes and as you I am more than happy to recycled the summer wardrobe from previous year...

  6. Dear Colleen you look so sexy with your perfect body in this crop-top.The pictures and the video are great.

    I have not new summer clothes jet. i wear the clothes from last year. I think i need to go shopping. ;)

  7. Hi, Colleen! You look so beautiful! Well, who isn't a fashion victim... and no, you are not old for the top! You matched everything in a great way! I loved the satchel (I love satchels) and the video :) so cute! I've been living in winter, fall, spring for a year and a half... 6 more months of winter soon... so after two years without summer, I don't know whether my wardrobe will fit me :)

  8. Hi dear Colleen, ah, today you wear the Satchel I bought after I saw this wonderful bag on your blog :) I love your entire outfit, why should you be too old for cropped tops? I love on you and you look beautiful and so good in form <3 Debuts of my wardrobe in 2014? Ah, there is a pale pink trousers which I bought last year and I wore the first time a few weeks ago on Friday :) Wish you a great time with the sun in Birmingham.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Those culottes are fabulous and the little denim jacket is perfect, adding a casual look to your outfit. I regularly have a wardobe clear out especially at the end of a season and I'm already regretting sending at least two items to the charity at the end of last summer. However l tend to hang on to particular favourites such as my denim jacket which has made an appearance this week! Hope your week is going well.
    PS Love the shoes!

  10. Colleen.. I've missed o read your thoughts and watch your fabulous style!!! You look just phenomenal with those wide cropped trousers and the way you styled them is perfect!!!

    My thing now is short loose dresses.. easy and great for the hot summer !!! luckily it's easy to find them is stores!

    Have a great weekend hun..


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