Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Au revoir came to soon

Forgive me in advance, I've been cautioned about posting holiday snaps on the blog, so if you are not a fan of holiday Kodak moments, look away now; I won't be offended.

Although a flight from Birmingham to Paris would probably have been quicker and more convenient, the Eurostar made a refreshing change to air travel and took just over 2 hours. Upgrading to Standard Premier affords you the luxury of a meal that you would usually get on a long haul flight and a guaranteed seat with extra seat/leg room; well worth the few extra sterling notes, however I was quite disappointed to find out that there was no WiFi, although as one Eurostar forum member put it, 'can't you live without the internet for 2 hours?'.

I don't think the next two images need a caption except to say that on this occasion I decided to evade the queues and take pictures from ground level rather than the top of these two iconic structures.

One day I will live in a house or apartment with large, ornate windows and balconies, and one day I will ride a moped around the streets of Birmingham.

Despite the very accessible Metro line, I walked for miles as I carried out my tourist duties; at least I expended some of those croissant, bread and dessert calories.

I've never eaten so much bread, I just wish they provided more whole grain options so that I didn't feel so guilty about eating refined carbohydrates every day - I couldn't resist the smells that wafted under my nose as I walked past the boulangeries. Good job the bakery in Asda/Walmart doesn't smell like that otherwise I'd have a real weakness for bread.

I feel so ignorant when I visit Europe, or any place for that matter where they speak a foreign language; it makes me wish I had paid more attention during my French lessons at school. Although I can relatively easily get by from day to day, just uttering the few words of the native language I can recall, I always consider what my holiday/break away from the UK would be like if I could fluently converse with the tour guide, waitress or shop assistant.  My latest, last-minute trip to Paris is a case in point where the waiter struggled to understand that I wanted my eggs scrambled and not fried. After a minute of hand gestures and altering my dialect to try and clearly describe 'scrambled', my eggs arrived……..fried! I thought the whole incident was comical although it left me in a state of rumination about my non-existent bilingual skills and whether I should resume French lessons in the little time I have spare – anyway, I later found out the French translation for scrambled eggs is ouef brouillés.

So, after a journey from Birmingham to London St Pancras to get the Eurostar to Paris, I got my camera to the ready and started snapping away at this beautiful, imposing city, with architectural design that Birmingham could only dream of, unfortunately. I know I am likely to be preaching to the converted and knowledgeable about Paris so I will just leave you with a select few of my sight-seeing memories in pictures, most of which I’m sure you will be familiar with, if not, just shout.

It was interesting to read that the lady who put the first lock on this bridge now regrettably feels responsible for the 'monstrosity' she has created. I don't think it is a monstrosity at all -  I think it has all been done in good taste, as long as the tradition stays confined to this bridge.

The image above reminds me of the streets of the Caribbean for some reason: senior citizens basking in the sunshine, selling their wares.

So cliché I know - guilty........
Later x


  1. Paris is very photogenic I have to give her that! Did you go shopping as well? I love the boutiques there that is the one thing that is so much better than London. And of course the eclairs. FOr some reason London can not do eclairs even though it is only a short distance. Very frustrating but if not I would be eating an eclair a day otherwise!! xx

    1. I'm not a fan of eclairs; to me they are worse than those blooming macarons!

  2. Agree with CSW, Paris is really a very photogenic city. I was laughing at the scrambled and fried. I wonder what kind of hand gesture you did to demonstrate scrambled? :D I get that as well on Eurostar, no wi-fi, and then I realise it's just 2 hours really. Look at us, impatient people. Hahahaha. Hope you're having a great week xxx

    1. I'm sure the hand gesture looked very strange to him and worse still, it didn't work!! ha

  3. Dear Colleen, I will take my trip to Paris in july. My first time in Paris and if i see your pictures i can´t wait. So a great romantic city with a very special flair. I´m sure you had a fantastic time and thank you for the impressions.

    1. Romantic yes, even for single people like me ha

  4. Hello Colleen! So glad you had a lovely and amusing time in Paris! How cool that you take the Eurostar and not the plane, as u cant stay without internet for more than 2 hours! It should be everywhere and on every transportation! You made me smile regarding your language skills, is so weird told by an English which is the more known language, sometimes I wish I was English as is hard to learn!:P But French is even more difficult, strange the waiter didnt get, I remember in Paris no one talks English though lol! Amazing photos dear, you look smashing! Have a great evening, kisses! xo

    1. oh yes I wish I could speak another language. I think the English take for granted that pretty much anywhere we go in the world, someone will be able to understand us.

  5. Amazing post and pics as well...I have just came from holiday and after reading your blog, I want to go again....well I have to wait...



  6. Wow.. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!
    the snaps are do the city justice and it looks wonderful and so do you!

    It's so cool you took the train and not the plane! I with I could too D!

    hope you had a fabulous time!


  7. Hi Colleen, pictures are lovely. It's a shame I didn't know you were in here. It would have been nice to meet for a coffee with another blogger.
    Well, there's always next time.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Dusana :-)


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  9. Dear Colleen, looks like you had a wonderful time in Paris! And please don't worry, I like your pictures, they are full of life and telling a lot about this great town. I remember really the delicous taste of the bread which you can get in France, I think it was right that you enjoyed what was offered :) Further I like it that you took the Eurostar although I can imagine it was not easy to be without Internet ... Wish you a happy and successful new week!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena



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