Monday, June 09, 2014


That's me........

I’ll be honest, the word 'quaintrelle' hadn't entered my vocabulary until I came across its definition on Instagram the other day, and now it's embedded in my mind because, well, who doesn't want to be a quaintrelle -  'a woman who emphasises a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures', apparently (according to Wikipedia).

In fitting with the noun I decided to post a few images from my recent Paris trip (above) for you fellow quaintrelles, which capture some of the elements of the definition, and some of my life’s pleasures and leisurely pastimes: fashion, style, shopping, window-shopping, food, eating out, travel and, of course, occasionally being a little pretentious.

One of my most recent fashion/style purchases are my Dune heels which I bought in the shopping mecca that is, Selfridges; I decided not to take them to Paris simply because of their height – roaming helplessly around Paris, without a car, in these 4-inchers did not appeal to me, but I've been wearing them non-stop since I've been back. This is how I have incorporated them in to my 'personal style'.

Bowler Hat - Topshop
Skirt - old
Shoes - Dune at Selfridges

Later x


  1. Love the outfit and I think those shoes might be my favourites of all your shoes which is saying something!! I think they are classic and modern all at once. Ps I love that word soooo much and I hope to use it often xx

  2. Oh, I really didnt know that noun, thanks for the translation, I feel that too now!:P And also, the images perfectly reflects you, they are so stunning, you just made me want to come back in Paris soon! You did right to not take those heels with you, too high though they are to die for! And you Colleen just look so gorgeous and breathtaking with them! Hugs! xo

  3. Quaintrelle - what a great word! I'll remember that! Your heels are fabulous ( a kind of updated court shoe) but very wise not to wear them in Paris where I imagine, like me, you probably walked miles. I love the colour combination of your outfit too and of course the photos which are stunning and make me want to book another trip.

  4. I will fly to paris next month with my daughter and i cna´t wait. Of cause i will wear comfy shoes for long walking. Your pictures looks like having a great time in paris.
    The heels are for to die for, fantastic shoes but not for sightseeing. ;)
    Thank you for explaining this very nice word. ;)

  5. Okie, your shoes are the busines!!!
    You look amazing! Love your skirt.

    Very beautiful pictures, Paris is on my top 3items n my bucket list.
    I'd like to believe I'm a Quaintrelle! Lol

  6. Amazing pics of Paris....I adore your shoes....


  7. Love your ensemble babes. Great outfit! And the arms! Whoa! Sexy!!! Sorry, lots of exclamation points :) Love to join you as a quaintrelle. Love the sound of the word. I am now one, too. Haha. Have a lovely day xxx

  8. Lord! I am falling for this look,your combo is amazing! That skirt is super hot!!!

  9. So glad to be back again here, my dearest! Of course you're still looking fabulous - stylish, chic & so inspiring! Love especially your skirt and heels <3 ... - Kisses from Vienna,


  10. love this new word and love your outfit!!

  11. wow!!!! love your blogpost & outfit ! The shoes are to die for ! <3

    have you seen my newest blogpost ?


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