Sunday, June 22, 2014


Not just for Wimbledon

I’m not an avid fan of tennis generally, but I do take an interest in the British players at The Wimbledon Championships - Wimbledon being the oldest tennis tournament in the world and widely considered the most prestigious. I've never been to a Wimbledon tournament but given the unlikelihood of me securing a seat within the centre-court stadium, I’m quite content to watch it on television in the comfort of my own home and undoubtedly with a better view; sitting on Henman Hill has never appealed to me, especially with my pollen allergies!

So of course there are a number of Wimbledon traditions, two of which I have paid homage to this weekend: the strict dress code for the competitors to wear predominantly all-white, and the eating of strawberries and cream by the spectators; I’m not keen on cream on strawberries and that has nothing to do with me being a fanatical nutrition health freak.

Wearing an all-white outfit is a far cry from my usual get-up of black or dark hues, but this weekend I donned the white Zara slim-fit jeans, which are the most comfortable slim fit jeans I own (a high percentage of elastane makes all the difference, right?), and my simple white cotton vest top from Oasis. Conventional wisdom holds that you should only wear all-white to your wedding, but given I have no intention of getting married I've decided to reject this old-fashioned style edict. I think a fresh all-white ensemble is a classic summer trend and I would suggest when it comes to clothes the looser the better on very hot days - breezy white linen is my usual preference, and of course a pop of colour never hurts.

If you’re a Wimbledon fan, enjoy the next two weeks of tennis action.

Jeans  Zara
Top  Oasis
Wedges Jones
Bag Kate Spade at Bicester
Later x


  1. You look really good but you don't mind me saying that tennis player was looking good too?! ;P

    I love white but I can not pull it off - no way. Even when I was younger and thinner I just didn't have the tan or the confidence and now i don't ahve the figure. But I adore and I also like a white tea dress. so fresh and so good with accessories. So in the meantime I shall just go for white's nemesis - black! xx

    1. Ha ha I couldn't get the other player, who also had his top off, in the shot, but one is treat enough I guess.

      I certainly feel more frumpy in all-white and would have felt more comfortable with a dark top or bottom, but good to experiment sometimes x

  2. Hi Colleen! I am not an avid fan of tennis either though I enjoy to watch it on Tv, I never learnt how to play. But let me tell you, you are looking totally smashing with this all-white ensemble! Totally rock! And what a great shape you got! these photos are so glam, strawberries+bubbles, oh this is pure bliss!:) Have a lovely week ahead lady! xo

  3. Dear Colleen, strawberries and champagne - la dolce vita. ;) With champagne, strawberries taste even more intensive. Great combination.
    Your outfit is also a great combination and perfect for your amazing body. White is such a fine color.
    Tennis is not my sport, but i like to watch it on TV.
    Wish you a great start into the week.

  4. Champagne and strawberries is a perfect combination for me! The all white outfit is great on you especially with the pop of summer coral from your bag. I'm absolutely hopeless at tennis but don't mind watching the occasional Wimblefon game on TV.
    Finally I wore white jeans last weekend as the weather seemed settled and there was no hint of rain for once!

  5. That bag! Oh That bag!
    No words!
    All white's always a great color combo. I absolutely love this outfit. You look amazing! And oh that bag!


  6. So that's what you've been doing eh? Wearing white all over and hanging outside tennis courts. Hahaha. You look great in white! I love wearing white, too--even in winter. Hahaha. Love the white combined with orange. Enjoy Wimbledon! xxx

    1. Well now I know there are men playing with their tops off, I will be hanging around tennis courts more often lol x

  7. You look super stunning babe's. Love the all white and popping of orange.

  8. Girl, you look fab...I love that you bag is matching the strawberries...very tasty...

  9. Hello, i just chanced on your blog. Lovely job here, and you look fabulous!


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