Saturday, July 05, 2014


and the Mulberry Lily is one

Mulberry Lily -
On sale in Harvey Nichols and House or Fraser

If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably aware that I added a beautiful new piece to my growing bag ‘collection’: the Mulberry Lily. I wasn't particularly on the lookout for a cross-body bag as my Zatchels satchels take care of that function, however during my window shopping expedition in House of Fraser a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a black leather Mulberry Lily and did the worst thing a shopaholic with a penchant for bags can do……I tried it on (and posted me posing with it on Instagram). From that moment, I knew it was more a case of when this beauty would grace my wardrobe rather than if.

A few weeks later I went back to House of Fraser because I knew they had a sale on; I bought my last Mulberry in the House of Fraser sale so I thought it might be an omen that I attend their sale event. The bag was staring at me right under the 30% off sign; the unique colour drew me in and, without hesitation, justified its purchase – bish bash bosh, before I knew it the lovely lady on the till was giving me back my credit card and handing over my new bag with a smile.

I decided that a shopping day and lunch in town last week would be an ideal occasion to début the Lili, however, fairly quickly I realised there was a problem, a problem I didn't consider when I purchased it: this bag was not going to hold half the things I would usually carry on a day out, a Mulberry Willow or Bayswater would have probably been a better investment. Am I disappointed that I spent all this money on such an impractical bag – what do you think? In my eyes it’s still a perfectly sexy bag and I have plenty of larger bags to rely on; who cares about practicalities, have you seen my 5-inch heels? Where there’s a will, there’s a way *wink*.


My handbag essentials for a day out:

-Food: water and nuts in case I get thirsty or peckish
-Cosmetics: Hand cream; hand sanitiser; hair brush; mirror, tissues
-Purse – of course
-Phone – of course
-Business cards in case I bump in to someone influential or a potential client
-A book -  in case I find myself dining alone
-Sunglasses case so that I can actually avoid breaking my latest pair
-Perfume – you never know when you could meet Mr Right!

What are your handbag essentials?

Later x


  1. And what made you think that Miss Lily would be able to handle your conundrum? Hahaha. It's a pretty little thing (love the colour in particular), but she obviously wouldn't be able to carry everything you mentioned. Your Sophie Hulme bag should be up for the challenge. But then, it's black. Lily's summery. Maybe get something in a pastel colour next time, but in the size of Sophie's. Love Lily though :) My handbag essentials are: mini iPad in a neoprene case; HTC One phone; a small makeup bag; compact wallet; small Moleskin diary; a pen; mini case for iPod and charger; hand sanitiser; mini hand lotion; mints; foldable Wayfarers in a mini case; small tissue; mini foldable brolly; 10ml perfume atomiser. Have you noticed everything is mini? Hahaha. The iPad goes when I have a smaller bag. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Done! I'm going to look for something in a pastel colour!! Thanks for sharing your handbag essentials - a few similarities x

  2. Im already aware of your last awesome purchase and for me you did a great bargain! Well done Colleen, the color and the shape is flawless! I know what you mean though, I also carry with me all those "essentials", so the bag should be at least in medium size for me, but you already others in that way and this is utterly cute to not grab and advantage of the sale! When I wear a mini bag, I usually avoid something or organize better the things in a little pouch (such as money, make up, mirror and perfume, you got the mini size (the travel one( also of this stuff so you can put it the same!). Happy Monday and enjoy your little treasure! xo

  3. Dear Colleen, you shouldn't wore because the bag is perfect! Maybe you don't need any things you believe you need? I have in my handbag normally my lipstick, my phone, my purse and my keys :) And this is always enough :) Wish you that you will really enjoy your new treasure!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Dear Colleen, for my workday i need an medium size bag for all my stuff. I call it my survivel bag. All what i need, if would be for two days at a lonely island. For a Shopping day is a little one like yours just perfect.
    I love you little bag, the color is fantastic and the size also for special days.
    Have a nice sunday, Cla

  5. I agree with the others, the little bag will just suit different occasions. I only carry a big one if my tablet/laptop are with me for doing business or writing. Otherwise I take little ones but essentials are everything in miniature! In every bag I have tiny handcream (swiped from the many hotels I stay in), fold up brush from Avon, little nail file, handful of tissues, cereal bar or two, business card holder, fold up shopper bag, little tin of mints & that's it. I don't tend to take perfume but if I did it would be a travel version & only take book in lieu of tablet if I know I have time to read. In my bigger bags I have lip balm as after 8 hours, my lipstick will wear out & if I'm out that long I'll take a mini bottle of water and/or Tim Horton thermal mug of coffee. Then I just grab my brolly/rain hat, keys, purse and phone & I'm good to go!

  6. I tend to use my pockets but if I don't i carry loads of things that just get lumped in so let's say it isn't exactly instagrammable! But I do like that color and your contents are almost curated so well Colleen xx

  7. This bag is a stunner! The Lily is one of my favourite Mulberry bags and I think you did well to make the purchase... whether it fits the things you want to carry or not ;) Although I like to carry quite a bit around everyday, I actually prefer smaller bags like this one as they force me to limit what I take with me and thus really think about what I'm carrying around... it saves me a little shoulder and back pain and keeps me focused on what's really important. Which is quite a lot of work for just one little bag, I must say :)

  8. Lovely are so lucky to get this beautie on the sale...


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