Sunday, September 21, 2014


The nutritionist's way

It’s commonplace to have my weight management clients disclose to me their food vices: bread, potatoes, crisps and chocolate to name a few of the more common ones. Some of my clients are shocked to hear that I, as a nutritionist, have some of these food vices as well; mine are of the sweet kind with chocolate, sour sweets (think Haribos) and desserts being my biggest weakness. I deal with them by following an 80/20 dietary regime, which involves eating/drinking ‘healthily’ 80% of the time and ‘treating’ my palate to the less healthy food 20% of the time; I often suggest it’s okay to occasionally indulge your guilty food pleasures because denying yourself them could potentially lead to overeating.

This weekend I decided to make a dessert that would fit into my 80% regime: fruit crumble which traditionally, with its buttery, sugary and white flour-base crumble, would feature in the 20% regime. I decided to make the crumble with whole-grain oats, nuts, almond butter and a sugar substitute made from 100% fruit, and I used a combination of mixed berries and apple for the fruit base which are naturally sweet. This is not necessarily low calorie, but the ingredients I used turn the crumble into a dessert that is rich in whole-grains (oats), healthy fats (nuts, almond butter, rapeseed oil) and low in refined sugar.

Do you have any food vices? What is your favourite dessert?

1 apple (Granny Smith or a cooking apple)
1 handful of mixed berries
3oz of rolled oats
2oz mixed nuts
1 heaped tbsp of almond butter
2 tbsp of rapeseed oil
1 tbsp Sweet Freedom sweetener

  1. Throw some mixed berries and a chopped skinless apple (I didn't have a cooking apple to hand) into a saucepan and heat gently with 15mls of water to soften the fruit.
  2. Blend the rolled oats, nuts, oil, almond butter and Sweet Freedom in a blender until crumbly. Add more oil/butter if it is a little too dry
  3. Spoon the fruit into an oven-proof dish and add the crumble topping
  4. Bake for 20 minutes on gas mark 4 and voila!
  5. I made a simple home-made vanilla sauce using cornflour, Sweet Freedom, vanilla essence and milk.

Later x


  1. Hi Colleen! Oh, I have many food vices, unfortunately! Im a foodie and greedy, I indulge in them as I agree with you, denying them would mean overeating them. Chocolate, pizza and fries are just some of my "sins" just to list some :) Btw, your fruit crumble looks very yummy, I think your version is healthier and tastier, definitely I need to try it!:) I love when you share recipe Colleen, thats for sure one of my fav thing of you! Have a great week, many hugs! xo

  2. You will know from my blog that I have many food vices. Desserts, chocolate, cupcakes in particular but I do try to balance my love of sweet things with healthier foods and I enjoy eating plenty of fish and salad. Our home-made plum crumble last week was the more traditional variety but I shall definitely try your healthier version as it looks so appetising and I'm sure it was delicious. You captured it so well in your lovely photos too. Have a great week and thanks for your recipe!

  3. I love Crumbles but never try a healthy one. I have so many food vices, i love sweets. But i try to eat healhy too.

    I thank you for the recipe. You can be sure i will try it. The fruit crumble looks very yummy.
    Have a great week, Cla

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it looks delicious. I love healthy food, but indulge myself in some vices too: chocolate, the weekend. I think it's important not to be obsessed with a healthy diet. Have a great week!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  5. Crisps. Chocolates. Potatoes. Guilty. Biting my lip now. I probably do it 60/40. I try healthy sometimes but sometimes fall prey to doughnuts. Haha. Ok, I know it's not a laughing matter. Thanks for your recipe. I'll see if I can manage to do it the healthier way, which is your way :) Hope you're having a good week so far xx


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