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The first in a series


As a Nutritionist I have a professional interest in people’s diet and lifestyle, and as a fashion and style enthusiast, I enjoy exploring new trends and checking out how different people interpret fashion through their own personal style. I follow fashion bloggers and food & health bloggers/experts as a pastime and am always inspired by what they do or have to say. For this reason, I decided to create the 'Style and Diet Profile' (essentially a diet and style questionnaire, you know, similar to those spotlight questions the magazines ask celebrities - I love them!); something that gives me an excuse to be nosy and delve into the lifestyles of some of my ‘favourite’ people, and what better person to start this ‘Diet and Style Profile’ series with than me.

Name: Colleen Campbell

Age or age category: 20 - 40 years (ha!)

Where do you call home? Birmingham, England

What is your Occupation? Chiefly, a Registered Nutritionist

What are your hobbies/interests? Blogging, recipe testing, working out, eating out, reading health/nutrition-related books/journals, travelling when possible and I’d like to get more in to photography.

Favourite Quote: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV


What's a typical day's diet for you?

Breakfast: On a working day I typically opt for muesli with semi skimmed milk or Granola with Greek yoghurt and berries or Jordans porridge. I prefer Jordans because their jumbo oats make the porridge thicker, creamier and more filling. At the weekend I like to have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on wholemeal toast or sourdough bread. Regardless of the breakfast, I’ll have a small glass of fruit juice.

Lunch: Sometimes I will just have leftovers from dinner the night before if there is somewhere to heat the food at work, if not I just make myself a wholemeal sandwich or wrap, usually filled with salad and cheese or chicken and take it to work with me in a cool bag. I cook from recipe books at the weekend.

Dinner: This varies considerably but generally my plate contains some protein (chicken, red meat, fish, lentils), a carbohydrate (potatoes, pasta, rice, quinoa) and a large side of steamed or sautéed vegetables or salad. My favourite homemade meals at the moment are Thai green turkey curry with spinach and basmati rice, the traditional Caribbean Sunday dinner of brown rice and peas with chicken, and, believe it or not, spaghetti bolognese with lots of olive oil drizzled over the spaghetti.

Snacks: I typically snack a lot on fruit; I drink an Actimel probiotic drink or eat a plain Greek yoghurt mid-morning; and I eat a handful of nuts every afternoon. Sometimes I’ll have a homemade smoothie made in my NutriBullet. I tend to drink water (still or sparkling) throughout the day.

What is/are your healthy food staples?

Extra virgin olive oil; any type of fruit (granny smith apples, avocado and grapes are my favourite fruit); spinach and kale which I add to many meals and smoothies - you can't really taste them but they give your meals a great nutritious punch; and nuts and oily fish for my dose of healthy fats.

What is your food vice? 

Sweets, especially Haribos, and good quality chocolate like Leonidas and Godiva, so I don’t buy them. I love my mum's Caribbean fried dumplings. 

What is your favourite recipe? 

At the moment it's eggs with tomato and beans which I blogged about previously. There's no sophistication about it; it’s so easy to make, filling, healthy and tastes like comfort food. I’m also experimenting with quinoa and lentil recipes at present such as pizza bases made from lentils.

Can you describe your physical activity regime?

Once a week I go to the gym for an hour and a half; if the weather is okay I go road running and when the weather is rubbish I go on my treadmill for half an hour. I like to do basic toning exercises at home such as squats, lunges, plank positions, sit ups and press ups. I work out 4-5 times a week.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

In Birmingham it’s Browns for dinner or any Italian restaurant where they use fresh pasta. For lunch or brunch I’m enjoying the healthy options available at Boston Tea Party.

Can you offer any healthy lifestyle advice/tips?
  1. Follow an 80/20 eating regime so you’re not completely depriving yourself of certain foods you enjoy -  moderation over deprivation. 80% of the time I eat healthily/sensibly and 20% of the time I treat myself to a treat. My treat would be some chocolate or a good old portion of fish and chips.
  2. Don’t keep foods in the house that don’t fit in the 80% regime because if it’s there you’re more likely to eat it more often than you’d planned to.
  3. Decide on an exercise you enjoy and make time to fit it in. Be realistic about what you choose and how you fit it in to your life so that it is sustainable - don’t join a gym if you detest gyms!
  4.  If you live by yourself, cook in batches so your meals last you more than once and you don’t have to cook for one so often -  it’s great to just be able to reheat a meal I've cooked when I roll in at 8pm; it’s better than a supermarket ready meal!

Is there anyone you follow for health inspiration?

Currently I like what ‘Nutrition Stripped’ and ‘Hemsley and Hemsley’ and ‘Deliciously Ella’ have to offer in terms of food/recipes; I read their blogs and follow them on Instagram. I follow BrittneBabe  on Instagram for simple workout ideas that you can do in the comfort of your own home – her physique is out of this world.


How would you describe your personal style?

Depends where or what I’m doing. During the day, running errands or shopping it’s ‘casual comfort’: usually a pair of jeans with flats or trainers. If I’m going out in the evening to dinner or a wine bar it’s ‘casual chic’: a fitted pair of trousers or designer jeans with heels (always heels on a night out) and a blazer or fitted coat. I rarely wear dresses and skirts.

Do you have a wardrobe staple?

Jeans, of course. I love my boyfriend jeans from River Island and skinny fit jeans from Topshop. I also wear a lot of hats because I'm too lazy to style my hair every day.

Where do you like to shop?

High street: Topshop, River Island, Zara and Mango.

What has been one of your biggest fashion splurges?

My Mulberry bag/s, Anya Hindmarch bag and Sophie Hulme bag. I only really splurge on bags when it comes to fashion and try to keep to British brands, but I have found lately that I'm spending more on shoes too -  I love Kurt Geiger for shoes.

What piece of clothing or accessory are you saving up for?

An Aspinal of London trunk clutch -  I'm hoping it will go down in the sale by the end of the month.

Can you offer any style tips?

Don’t just wear something because it is fashionable, tailor a piece of clothing or an outfit to fit your individual personal style.

Is there a current fashion trend that you are rocking or would like to rock?

Wearing trainers with everyday clothes. I recently bought some Adidas Stan Smiths and historically would have only worn them with workout leggings or jogging bottoms but now I wear them with skirts and tailored, smart trousers

Who or what inspires you in terms of fashion and style?

I rarely get time to sit down with a good fashion glossy these days so I tend to get a lot of inspiration from blogs and Instagram. 5 Inch and Up was one of the first blogs I ever read and I’ve been following her style ever since. Celebrity wise, I’m afraid to say it’s the Kardashian sisters

 Later x


  1. superbe article
    tu as des habitudes alimentaires vraiment parfaites, moi je me laisse souvent avoir et mange un peu tout ce que j'aime sans trop faire attention grrr, je sais que ça n'est pas bien
    tu es ravissante dans le look de la première photo

    1. Thanks for your comment, I try to keep up the good habits. I've had to translate some of this to English but you've just reminded me about a goal I had to brush up on my French!

  2. Hello Colleen! Ah, wish you live nearest so I can have the chance to talk with you and have some good advices regarding healthy lifestyle! Ive enjoyed your answers, you know I still havent tried your recipe of eggs with tomato and beans but I have to do it soon as is a type of food I love since I dont eat meat. I see have have many things in common, a thing I would splurge is for sure a quality bag and yours are really amazing, you did well! Loving the trend of trainers+everyday clothes, I became addicted to it! Hope you can get that clutch on sale at the end of the month, fingers crossed! Many hugs Colleen, have a great week ahead! xo

    1. Aaah yes I noticed you love the trainers and everyday clothes trend too ha ha x

  3. Ooh I like this! I live reading stuff like this too!! Interesting bc what is normal to one is odd for another. I must say I love that recipe of eggs beans. I hate smoothies though. Waste of time for me bc I have it then get full but doesn't satisfy me then have a meal anyway... But then I don't have your figure so life is fair hehe xx

    1. Oooh no I'd never have a smoothie as a main meal - I need something to chew! I have it either as a snack or with a meal depending on the ingredients I use - some are milk based some are just vegetable/fruit based x

  4. I have waited for this post, particularly because I am interested in your food routine. This sounds very healthy and well-balanced. I find to read always very interesting about other people. How they live what they like and what they desire. Your lifestyle tips are great. I will notice it to me. Btw, i love Haribo, especilly Gummi Bears, too. :) Dear Colleen, thank you for this great post. Wish you a very nice week.

    1. Aaaw thanks Cla, I remember you asking about it.

  5. Great post!!! you give some good advices regarding healthy lifestyle!!!
    Have a good week, dear Colleen!!! my g+ for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. Firstly, I would like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! A little belated but I've been away enjoying a festive break. I'm finally getting back into a routine and catching up on my blog reading! What a great post, particularly as you link your food routine with lifestyle tips too. I love the 80/20 idea because as you know I lke my sweet treats. Your smoked salmon breakfast is really making my mouth water. It's been a while since I enjoyed this as part of a leisurely Sunday breakfast. I like to splurge sometimes on bags too and Mulberry is a favourite of mine. Good quality and a wide range of styles.

    1. A fellow Mulberry and smoked salmon breakfast lover - both are delicious!

  7. Dear Colleen, you are a true idol! You have not only habits in eating which to follow is for sure healthy, you take also really care of yourself - and you know a lot of about fashion! I don't have any direct diet style, normally I eat what I like, what is easy as I don't like meat, sweets and alcohol :) Wish you a happy start into the weekend!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    1. oooh I don't know if I'm an idol but thank you. You're lucky you don't have a sweet tooth.

  8. Oh my God, I had to save this Colleen so I can read it over and over again! i didn think that this might be a chain 'over-to-you' thing and I got nervous coz you'll find out about my diet and you'll give me a good bollocking! Hahahaha. Don't censor that. In terms of fashion and style, I'm finding out more and more as I get older that I really like the laid-back coolness of French style. I love that put-together-yet-not-put-together look. Effortless as they say. Or not contrived. I don't follow trends. I wear what I want. I'm finding myself searching for more indigenous materials back in the Philippines which I can transform as a wearable piece of clothing here. I can't exactly name a fashion icon for me. But one thing that's becoming my trademark is red lipstick, in various shades of red, whatever the occasion is :D Have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. I think it would be a lovely idea to feature you as one of my Style & Diet profiles - I don't judge ha ha. I get it with the effortless style and love it too, I can never pull that off with evening wear though and I'd like to be able to. Cant wait to see how you get on with creating your own piece from the indigenous materials x

  9. Diet, health and fashion conscious - a great mixture for mind and soul nourishment. Keep it up.

  10. Sounds like you lead the perfect life and health. I love Hemsley & Hemsley as well. Smoked salmon is my always favourite! /Madison

  11. Great article, Thanks for your great information, the content is quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.


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