Monday, April 06, 2015


Cadbury's anyone?

There are two special events in the Christian calendar when it is globally accepted to over-indulge on chocolate, right? Christmas and Easter. I didn't consume much chocolate this Easter chiefly because I couldn't get my hands on my favourite brands, namely Leonidas and Godiva (yes I’m a bit of a chocolate snob), and secondly because I didn't receive any surprise chocolate Easter gifts this and hot cross buns yes, but not chocolate.

Some of you will know that I live in the city which is home to the second largest confectionary brand in the world, Cadbury. Cadbury was established in Birmingham in 1824 and is best known for its chocolate products including Dairy Milk, Crème Egg and the Roses selection box. Admittedly, I've never visited Cadbury World, a visitor attraction created and run by the Cadbury chocolate company, but I do have to drive through the area of Bournville to visit relatives; Bournville is the Birmingham suburb in which you can find the Cadbury chocolate factory and was developed into the village it is today by the Cadbury family.

Reports suggest the Cadbury family were particularly concerned with the health and fitness of their workforce, who resided on the Bournville estate: Mr Cadbury didn't want the workers gorging on masses of chocolate; he incorporated park and recreation areas into the Bournvile village development plans; he encouraged swimming, walking and other forms of outdoor sports among the employees; and he forbid the building of any pubs/public houses within the area - and there’s me thinking 'corporate wellbeing' was a new concept.

I took a little stroll around the Bournille neighbourhood this weekend - Cadbury World was fully booked!

Acres of sports playing fields for Cadbury employees to stay active and healthy

Bournville Rest House was built to celebrate the Silver Wedding Anniversary of George and Elizabeth Cadbury

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  1. Ahh Colleen, I have to remember of this place now, is my dream lol! I didnt know it exists though, Ive soon checked out the site and I was mouthwatering, Cadbury World is my World, and love their concept too!XD And you look so amazing, loving your outfit from head to toe, comfy and yet super stylish with the sporty chic vibe I just adore. Hope you had a marvelous Easter time dear, I ate chocolate instead, but just the only egg I got!:) Hugs xo

    1. I know, I can't believe I've never been myself! x

  2. Dear Colleen,
    i hope you had wonderful Easter, without chocolate eggs. But your hot cross buns at IG looks also mouth watering. I as a chocolate-lover know Cadbury, but i never heard of their concept. Very exemplary. The whole area looks very nice.
    And you look in your sporty chic outfit very stylish. The Stan Smith fits you very well. Easter is over but i´got the whole week off. I have to clean my home - Spring cleaning. :)
    Wish you a very nice week, dear Colleen.

  3. Wow! I told you, I live very close to Birmingam when in England, and I always wanted to go to Cadbury but never did - in the second semester, then! It was great to know that the owner set parks and recreation, swimming and so on, so that the employees wouldn't put on so much weight because of the chocolate! I loved your camel coat and what for a nice way to spend Easter!

    1. yes you'll probably go there before I do!

  4. A very belated Happy Cadbury Easter to you! I didn't have chocolates over Easter, but I badly made up for it by consuming gallons of Guinness, red wine, Irish coffee, and whisky. Let's just say my annual ration has been consumed in 3 days. Hahaha. What can I do? Had to keep up with my Irish hosts :D Anyway, hope you're having a great week. Good to see you go au naturel with your hair from time to time xxx

  5. WOW that house is just LOVE :) I wish you a weekend with lots of fun in the sun

    Check out my new post...A swedish dream home in all shades of grey:)

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor


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