Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Without too much guilt

I inherited a sweet tooth from my mother, and in an effort to eschew the nutrition-related problems associated with eating too much of the white stuff -  AKA sugar - I’m often on the lookout for ‘healthier’ alternatives to Haribos, Leonidas Belgian pralines and Haagen Dazs ice cream – a few of my favourite indulgences. Typically - and I’m not just saying this because I’m a nutritionist - fruit satisfies many of my sweet cravings, particularly tart fruit like passion fruit, grapes and Granny Smith apples, however sometimes it’s nice to have something a little different, something that tastes a little more cheeky shall we say; this is when the ubiquitous food blogs and coveted #eatclean recipe books come in handy: foodie inspiration

Lately, I've come across a few dessert/snack recipes which have suggested the use of Medjool dates, so when I was standing in line at Marks and Spencer and spotted them near the checkout I quickly popped them in my shopping basket and began engaging in ruminant thought about where I had seen those darn date recipes.

I decided to make some nutty truffles with my new found ingredient; the dates provide the sweetness and, when compared to sugar or sweeteners, added fibre and antioxidants, and the nuts contribute a boost of protein and healthy fats. The recipe does include some coconut oil, which is high in saturated fat (too much saturated fat can increase cholesterol levels) so I've minimised the amount I used as much as possible. Also, be warned, these dates are very sticky and therefore can potentially be cariogenic (harmful to teeth) if you frequently snack on them throughout the day.

What I Used (to make 6 relatively large truffle balls)
6 Medjool dates
¼ of a banana
1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil (room temperature)
50g of nuts
½ teaspoon of nutmeg spice
Cacoa powder for coating
Omega seeds for coating

What I Did – easy peasy
  • Blend the dates, banana, coconut oil, nuts and nutmeg in a powerful blender for 30 – 60 seconds until the texture becomes more of a paste
  • Roll the mixture into small truffle-sized balls with your hands
  • You can roll the balls in various coatings such as desiccated coconut, oats or finely chopped nuts, however I rolled half of mine in cacoa powder and the other half in omega seeds – I preferred the omega seeds because I enjoyed the combination of the crunchy seeds with the gooey texture of the truffle
  • Put them in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving

Later x


  1. Morning Colleen! Hope you too are doing fine! I have a sweet tooth too and I always look for some sweet (healthy) recipes on the net. So glad you share this one, I love dates and often eat them, here in Italy are very popular especially during the Xmas time you know. Btw, the truffles looks very yummy, scrumptious and addicting!:) Have a great day, hugs! xo

    1. Thank you Lilli - how interesting to hear they are popular in Italy x

  2. This seems to be so nutritious and delicious! And I kind of "need" sweets, too (and carbs, unfortunately :) So this is a great alternative to me, instead of having highly processed flour biscuits and chocolate. I told you many times, you and your blog are inspirational to me. I am trying to be healthier, starting yesterday. I hope this time it works! The dates looked so good, yummi! Hope you have a lovely Wednesday, and thanks for the nice recipe!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Denise - good luck with getting into a healthy eating regime! Getting started is the first step to success.

  3. Dear Colleen,
    sweat AND healthy?! This sounds perfect for me. I also like sweats and yes, sometime i feel guilty.Ans so i have in my office desk nuts and dry fruits if the little hungry man jump at me. ;) Your recipe sounds great and easy to do. Be sure i will try it.
    Tomorrow we got a holiday in Germany, i wish you a fantastic week dear Colleen.

    1. Sweet and healthy is always a great combination isn't it. Thanks Cla

  4. Looks great! I tend to do dates only in winter but these look good and I need to try and eat healthy sweets. Problem is I have a salty tooth and it's actually more dangerous...

    1. Aaah a salty tooth - crisps and the like? Strong herb and spice flavours can often be the best substitute for salt and you can add them to various snacks and of course meals. x

  5. Dear Colleen, honestly I prefer such kind of sweets you show here instead of these industrial stuff. I think this is an advantage :) I like the recipe you show here so much that - as I have today a day off - now immediately must check out out pantry if we have all ingredients at home! Thanks for sharing and happy weekend. Is it as hot in England than here in Bavaria? I assume we have much more than 30 °C.
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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