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and changing them.....

I’m not sure of the reason, but in the past couple of months I have noticed an increase in enquiries from people inquiring about a career in nutrition; these people, predominantly women, have expressed a desire to leave their current occupation and set up a businesses as a nutritionist or health coach.  Is it the surge in health, food and fitness bloggers that is tempting people into this particular profession or perhaps the increased public awareness and widespread promotion of the importance of eating and living well? I don’t know…..I’m confident that there are lots of other sectors/businesses that people aspire to enter into -  they say 25% of UK adults want to start a business in 2016, rising to 70% among those aged 25-34 - but as a nutritionist myself, I've only experienced queries relating to changing career to enter the nutrition profession.

My advice, albeit I’m not a careers adviser, is always the same. Study for a professional and credible qualification; avoid at all costs those 6-week online nutrition courses that you can get off Groupon however cheap and convenient they are. Although the term ‘nutritionist’ is not a legally protected term, (i.e. your mum, brother, cousin or grandma could call themselves a nutritionist), there are nutrition courses you can take that are endorsed, recognised an accredited by professional bodies which, once you graduate from these courses, you can distinguish yourself from the quacks and unqualified nutrition experts. I highly recommend the Association for Nutrition, who hold the nutrition register that I belong to, and the British Dietetic Association, who are the professional body representing dietitians. For those of you interested, here is a link which describes the roles and functions of different nutrition vocations (nutritionist, dietitian,nutritional therapist) so that you can be sure to study for the nutrition career that best suits your preferences.

I’m always inspired by women who take on the challenge of changing careers, especially those who have been working in the same function or industry for several years or who are in their older years with family and financial commitments. I've worked in the field of nutrition since I graduated many moons ago and whilst my work is varied from day to day, it’s still roughly the same role I've had for a little over a decade, with the exception of introducing the personal styling arm to my business which represents only a small proportion of what I do – I’m hoping to grow this. I've also toyed with the idea of training to be a personal trainer so that I can offer my clients an all-round health package, and whilst we are on the subject of career change, when I drift off into la la land, I envisage myself designing and selling my own brand of bags, although I’d like to do this more as a side-line rather than as a full time job.

Have you ever considered changing career or setting up your own business? The consensus, and remember I’m no career/business adviser, appears to be that you should:

*start by thinking about your interests, what you’re good at and what really motivates you

*next, really research the area you want to go in to and think about the commitments you will have to make in terms of time, resources and finance

*analyse your transferable skills, knowledge and contacts. If you haven’t got any contacts, get out there and network at events, seminars and talks. I will never forget this quote I heard at a conference – “your network is your net worth!”

*make yourself stand out from the crowd -  be creative and innovative

The following quotes always resonate with me 

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  1. Morning Colleen! I think your job is really great and Im always fascinated by it. I admire the same kind of person as well, u know I changed everything once I got my degree which was in another and totally different field but I do not regret anything. Even though Im still building my path, is what we love to do that motivates us to go on, so ur advices are very appreciated and true. Love those quotes as well. Happy Monday Colleen! xo

    1. I love that, "building my path" too! x

  2. Dear Colleen,
    i thi nk it´s never to later for start something new, beginn to study or follow a career.
    I started with my blog in the middle of my 40th. This is my passion and my baby. And i earn good money with it. Endurance, passion for it and the will is important. And even networking, like in every Business.
    You have suche a interesting job, dear Colleen. Thank you for all theses great tips. This tips are for all kind of business. (Sorry for my "ver" bad english today. This topic is too complicated for my english. WIsh you a nice week

    1. I completely agree - passion for what you do makes all the difference! I understood you perfectly, thank you x

  3. I totally agree with the quotes, dear Colleen! I have changed careers many times, when I didn't feel Ok anymore, not satisfied with what I was doing. First, I was a banker, expert in finances - who could ever thought :) Worked in that area for many years. Then I set two companies of imports/exports, but that was not my thing either. Finally, the best job I ever had was to be a teacher. I loved it, but changed again :) Anyway, I am perplex, that anybody can be called a nutritionist? And then there are online courses? You are right in saying, stay away from that. For me it was always like a conventional course, with classes (not online) and a diplom. I think being a personal trainer will be great, combined with being a nutritionist. I told you, I need constant motivation for exercises and keeping a healthy diet, cause I am a fussy eater. If I ever can book an appointment with you, that would help me so much!

    1. I did some teaching too, it can be rewarding with the right group of children! I'm definitely finding it easier to work with adults though ha ha. I'd be more than happy to help you if the opportunity arises Denise x

  4. I love your blog great post

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