Sunday, February 07, 2016


Not just for Shrove Tuesday

I know, I know, it’s all a bit cliché doing a pancake recipe post this week, but despite loving and regularly indulging in my slightly adapted version of the two-ingredient pancake (made popular by the health and foodie bloggers), I realised I've never posted a pancake recipe on this blog so what better time to publish one; apologies if this is your fourth or fifth pancake recipe blog post you've stumbled upon, but mine is making its début on Forcailini this week. With eggs, banana and oats as the only ingredients, I hope you enjoy this delicious, easy and nutritious pancake recipe. There’s always a place for the traditional pancakes as part of a healthy lifestyle, and no doubt I’ll be having them too this week, but as a nutritionist, I feel quite smug when I whip these bad boys up from time to time!
How do you like yours?

WHAT I USED (serves 1)
2 eggs
1 ripe banana
3 teaspoons of oats
A little oil for frying
Your choice of toppings
*Blend all the ingredients to a smooth batter mix
*Heat a little oil in a frying pan over a medium heat, and drop roughly 2-3 tablespoons of the batter into the pan;  it should sizzle immediately, if not, turn up the heat. Depending on the size of your pan, you may be able to make 3-4 at a time - keeping them small makes them easier to flip. 
*Allow to cook for approximately 1 minute before flipping on to the other side
*Serve your pancakes as a stack (you don't have to) and add your favourite toppings; I used berries and Sweet Freedom's fruit syrup

Later x


  1. Good evening Colleen! Apologies?! I truly enjoy your recipe being a pancakes lover. To be honest, I always say to try to make them but Im often pretty lazy. The ingredients u used are all very good, to not mention those appetizing photos, make me watering and wish I had a slice right now!:) Have a nice week ahead my friend, hugs! xo

    1. I'm a lazy cook too, I hate fiddly recipes but this is definitely and easy one to try x

  2. Omg this looks so delicious. I got a sweet tooth so I love pancake. Since week I have pancake in my head, but never made me some. You list is a sign for me. :) I will try your recipe the next days. Thank you for inspiration dear Colleen. Your fotos are amazing
    Have a nice week

    1. Thank you lovely, I hope you enjoy them if you get round to making them up x

  3. Hello again, dear Colleen! I was “off”, travelling, and when back I swear I needed recovery from holidays! I loved your recipe, and no, not a cliche recipe, I really love it! Cause I know I have to eat bananas, and I hate them pure - but in a recipe like this, I can eat them, so it would be great for me! I lost more than 10 lbs, dear Colleen, without a diet- just eating ore veggies! You are inspiring!

    1. How lovely you were off travelling! Despite using a whole banana, I couldn't really taste it too much so you should be okay x

  4. I haven't had pancakes for a while, nor made them myself. I'm the designated pancake maker at home, so I'm in charge of this even though I did tell you that the Mr is in charge of the kitchen more than myself. I will try your recipe :) Happy Valentine's Day to you, even though I have a feeling you're like me who can't be bothered with this occasion. Hahahaha. Enjoy the rest of Sunday xxx

    1. Being single, I definitely can't be bothered with the occasion ha ha x


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