Sunday, March 20, 2016


A haven for interior inspiration

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a nutritionist and foodie, but my favourite part of the house is the kitchen: it’s the room that I spend most money on in terms of design and kitchen gadgets; it’s the place I like to snoop around when I visit other people’s home; it’s often the hub for socialising when friends/family come round for a chat; and of course it’s where delicious (and hopefully nutritious) meals are created to fuel your body and mind – in my opinion it’s the heart of any home, and in fact some say that although life is typically created in the bedroom, it is lived in the kitchen, although I know many disagree with this notion. What’s the heart of your home?

Talking of homes, have you noticed how many fashion designers are now taking their catwalk looks and aesthetics and turning them into home-ware interiors so that your humble abode can look as stylish as your outfit. Preen has launched a collection of cushions, Topshop Unique has produced a limited edition teacup and saucer using prints featured in their catwalk shows, and Henry Holland has collaborated with Habitat to create a collection of soft furnishings and upholstery, to name a few.

I've always loved flicking through the sites and pages of interior design publications, and more so now that I’m due to move into my new home in the next few months…….excited! So, I took the opportunity this year to attend the Ideal Home Show in London to get some further inspiration. Whilst the Show covered all rooms from bedrooms to gardens, I chose to feature the kitchen/dining snaps I took for the purpose of today’s post. The Ideal Home Show runs from 18 March to 03 April and is a haven for anyone who has an interest in home interiors or who’s buying a new home. I picked up a couple of bargains, and I have my eye on a Vitamix and some Smeg appliances for my new kitchen – house-warming present maybe?! *wink*


Fingers crossed I'll win the competition!

Later x


  1. Good evening Colleen! I would have said the same, love kitchens as well and is infact my fave room too. The exhibit must be wonderful, Id like to see it, Smeg appliances are wonderful, always lusting for them too. Of course, fingers crossed u win! You look very stylish and gorgeous in the pic, great outfit too, love ur blouse! Hope u had a nice weekend Colleen, wish u a good week ahead! xo

  2. I hope you win the competition!!! I do like smeg appliances as they enliven a space. xx

  3. Aaahh i really like Home Shows. Those events are very inspiring. I like watching for Interiors at Pinterest and make plans if i win in lottery sometimes. ;) I agree with you, the heart of a home is the kitchen. But my favorite place is my bedroom.

    Dear Colleen, thank you so much for your kindly words yesterday. I´m a positive woman and i`m sure everything will goes fine with me. Wish you a fantastic week

  4. I went to this last year but didn't make it this time - good luck with the competition!

  5. I may have said this before, and before the topic of the post, but you look so beautiful dear Colleen, with the new hair style - we can see your face in a better way and you are so beautiful! I love interior design and kitchens too, and yes, many famous designers are turning their efforts to creating appliances, wall papers, etc. I love the fridges and the first pic, with a small fridge integrated to the island - inspirational! I am finally back after a long trip and got a bug - feeling weak now, but being in bed is also nice sometimes :) Hope you have a great Easter!


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