Sunday, April 10, 2016


They're a steal

Eeek! I may have transitioned into one of those people; you know, the ones who buy the copy-cat version of a designer piece in hope that no one will notice it’s a cheaper imitation. I've always said, if you can’t afford the real thing, save up for it, don’t substitute it for a fake look-a-like if you can help it. You may recall this used to be a big thing with Burberry and Louis Vuitton who unintentionally inspired a whole host of counterfeit goods to grace market stalls across the world.

Thanks to a 2016 goal to curb my spending so I can prioritise both the development of my business and house purchase, I succumbed to purchasing a pair of look-a-like Stuart Weitzman Highland boots, which were three times cheaper than the real thing. In fact, I had tried on the Weitzman boot in Selfridges a few minutes before, but literally couldn't fit them over my calves! In one respect I was relieved, because had they fit, I can pretty much guarantee my bank balance would have been £665 down last month. It was as I walked towards the Selfridges escalator to go home that I spotted these Carvela boots, ironically a stones throw away from the Weitzman display. They glided on so much easier than the ‘real’ ones and I’m afraid I loved them, copy-cat or not, they were coming home!

Wearing: Bag, Aspinal of London   Boots, Carvela

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  1. Gurl you are working the look! I think balance is key but a home and business will give you so many returns not just financial so I wish you luck this year in achieving your goals xx

  2. Good evening Colleen! Oh lol, you made me laugh! And u know what I say, they are even more gorgeous than the real ones! I totally love them, you got a great bargain indeed! They suit u so well and I like how u paired them with the biker jacket, u look so hot and beautiful, well done! Have a nice week ahead, many kisses Colleen! xo

  3. Loved the top, the jacket and jeans, dear Colleen, and also the Carvella boots! They are amazing! Copy-cat or not - actually, boots are boots, I don't see them as a copy, but a nice pair of Carvella ones, that is a also a nice brand. I liked the style and the color! You did it right, to think of a house and your business values more than a SW pair of boots that didn't fit well :) I would have the same fitting problem, so whenever I find boots that fit, I buy them, whichever the brand :) Hope you have a great week!!!

  4. Dear Colleen,
    good for you and your credit card that the Origianl boots doesn't fit. You new over knees looks fantastic, you look fantastic with the whole outfit. Normally I also prefer the original items, but sometimes the copy cats is even nice, like your boots.
    Dear Colleen, I also like to say thank you for always taking time to visit me. Have a nice week


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