Sunday, May 01, 2016


The home-made way

I’m not sure whether I’d call this a recipe as such, more of a meal idea, maybe? The word ‘recipe’ often conjures up thoughts in my mind of having to annoyingly buy ingredients that you wouldn't typically use on a day to day basis (or ever use again), and study complex and time-consuming instructions on how to create something that will be demolished within minutes.  Perhaps it’s a little senseless for me to think like this since without stumbling on these weird and wonderful recipes I've found on the super-foodie bloggers’ websites over recent years, I’d have probably never experimented with Medjool dates, turmeric, courgetti, almond butter, soaking oats overnight in milk and yoghurt, and heaven forbid, I’d have never thought to smash avocado and feta and spread it on sour-dough toast!

There’s nothing complicated or particularly exceptional with this home-made pizza, but it’s quick, easy, and nutritious, and it can use your favourite everyday ingredients - just how I like home-cooked meals to be; it's also a nice alternative to your traditional sandwich. Once you have a wholemeal pita bread and some tomato puree, let your creative juices run with your choice of toppings: I had pineapple, red onion, feta cheese and spinach, which are kitchen staples in my house!

What I Used
1 wholemeal pita bread
Tomato puree
Feta cheese
Red onion
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What I Did
*I smeared a good dollop of tomato puree on to one side of the pita bread followed by a drizzle of olive oil

*I added the rest of my choice of toppings (cheese, pineapple, spinach, red onion) on to the pita bread and baked in the oven on gas mark 5 for 20 minutes. Bellissimo!

Later x


  1. I do pita pizzas too but not so pretty. I use cheddar BC it goes better with my stuff in the fridge. Do you eat taramasalata? Just curious. X

    1. Aaaah never tried it, but now I'm curious! X

  2. Good evening Colleen! Mmmm, is like I could taste it from the screen and it really looks so good! I have to try it asap, maybe as a quick meal after the workout when Im always tired and lazy to prepare something more complicated.:P I noticed u used also the pinapple, little unusual for me but definitely interesting. Well done! Have a great week ahead Colleen, hugs! xo

    1. It's interesting that you say the pineapple is unusual because whenever I ask for pineapple on my Hawaian pizza in a traditional Italian restaurant, they think I'm quite strange and never have it! It must be a British thing to use pineapple but it really is delicious x

  3. I agree with you, dear Colleen, having things at home that we actually use, to create such a pizza, is wow! I loved that! Spinach, yay, pineapple, too - for me I would just replace feta for mozzarella, since I don't eat feta (the fussy one, aka Denise, I admit, I told you before :) But all the other ingredients, I love! I know, the word recipe is like "Oh my giddy aunt, turmeric? What's that, where do I find it?", but once we give the recipe a chance we get to know a world of delicious flavours! I confess, I cook with salt only, as "spice" (or in the place of). But little by little I am trying new things - you don't change a fussy eater in one day :) I loved this recipe!

  4. Dear Colleen,
    these mini pizzen looks really delicious. Like Lille said, perfect for a small, quick meal or for a snack. I tried pineapple at Pizza and i like this taste. We call it H"Hawai" Pizza in Germany ;)
    BTW yout pictures are verz mouthwatering. I think i have to go to my refrigerator jet.
    Wish you a fantastic week

  5. Pizza! I can never associate it with healthy,. but of course you can :) My favourite is Napoletana with anchovies and capers :D PS. Moving home June or July so it will be a tough sched for me, but we can always arrange something. Will update you. Enjoy the sunny day! I did check the weather in Birmingham, and I made sure it's not Birmingham USA! xxx

  6. Love your photos, thanks for sharing! xx

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