Sunday, May 22, 2016



For today’s post I’m just leaving you with one of many of my favourite inspirational quotes. Why? Chiefly, because I just haven’t had the time or inclination to think up or create a blog-worthy post, however, being the pedantic and slightly compulsive person that I am, I felt obligated to commit to my Sunday posting ritual. The other reason for this post is, having spent the weekend at the BBC Eat Well Show at London’s Excel supporting my friend with exhibiting and launching her new confectionary product, MazaChocolate, I've felt inspired by all the women (AKA wellness entrepreneurs) I have met at the event who have followed their passion and built a business that they thrive on………… simply because they believed they could! Join me in taking the time to think about what you would like, and believe you can achieve, over the next 7 days!

Later x


  1. Morning Colleen! Im with you and will be my mantra not only for the week but over the next months!:) The event sounds cool and amusing, I believe you gott inspired a lot among all those succesful women and I do love this quote too!:) Have a good week ahead Collen, kisses! xo

  2. That's great, the quote, the ritual :) and the BBC eat well show! You know, this is the kind of thing I need to go on - constant reminders, simply to go on. I mean, to eat well and some other things - so the quotes and such a show would be great for me! I am much better now, because I ate well during my convalescence, but I am always going back to bad habits... just pasta and cake yesterday, what a shame. But as I always write, habits are difficult to break - but I am on a better way now :) Waiting for your next posts, now!

  3. Dear Colleen,
    you did right. There are more important thigs to do as a blog post. But the replacement quote is just so true. If i not even most believe of myself, who else. ;)

    The event sounds great and i´m sure you hat muchh fun. Women with passion are very inspiring. Have a fantastic week dear Colleen


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