Sunday, July 31, 2016


In Birmingham

“You smell like coconuts……….”.  I’ve had the aforementioned sentence uttered to me on a few occasions. Of course, it’s not my natural bodily scent unfortunately; most mornings I slather on mixes of cocoa butters and creams to moisturise my skin. My bathroom cabinet is filled with cocoa-fragranced skin products that I’ve bought from various shops, and now there’s a new place for me to indulge my love of cocoa-smelling cosmetics: Eness.

Eness open its first UK store in Birmingham this weekend and I was invited to their launch. I was like a kid in a candy sweetie shop when I saw the shelves adorned with cocoa-scented luxurious body care products, from vitamin E-rich body butters and creams, to deodorants and body washes and even candles, although, of course, consumers are able to choose from a dazzling array of products and scents from the Eness range including magnolia, lavender and wild rose, as well as a Men’s product range.

Sustainable, ethical and ‘beauty without cruelty’ (to animals) is the ethos of Eness cosmetics, which have been developed to fill what they believe to be a gap in the market for ethical products which are premium quality but affordable and great value. My favourite of all the products has to be the body butters, in particular the Cocoa Heaven: it feels rich and indulgent and rubs in easily without a greasy feel, and those subtle but divine notes of sweet vanilla and candied fruits are enough to send your mind wondering to tropical climates where coconuts litter the ground; the Cocoa Heaven candles will feature nicely in my new home too.

I’m always keen to support Birmingham-based businesses and although their plan is to eventually progress to becoming a chain of stores throughout the UK, they’ve chosen Birmingham’s Canon Street to launch their brand, and I’m embracing it.

Wearing: Sandals, Dune;  Skirt, Warehouse;  Bag, Sophie Hulme; Scarf, Oasis; Jacket, Old

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  1. Good evening Colleen! Well done on supporting local business and this store totally seems amazing, loving their ethos and the products look really great. Oh cocoa smell is one of my fave too, actually use lots of body lotions, butter and mists with this sweet fragrance. U were too stylish as well, perfect look and beautiful you! Have a good week ahead, kisses! xo

  2. What for a great event, Colleen! When I read the name, Eness, I remembered an acquaintance I had from Turkey and the name of his son was Enes - I asked, what does it mean? "Health". It's surely a great name! I love cocoa and I just saw the deordorants; I will surely buy it when go back home. I also love lavender and I am eager to go there! I also love to support the shops in the region! The fact that it's cruelty free is excellent, one more reason to buy the products. How lovely you look! I loved the skirt and sandals!

  3. Dear Colleen, i really like ti support brands with a social responsibility in the background. And Eness is a pretty nice name. I´m sure the event was really intersting. If we have such a shop in my area i would like to visit is.

    The smell of cocoa is also my taste. And your amazing bag too! ;) You look very stylish dear Colleen. Love the Skirt. Have a fantastic week


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